Friday, March 19, 2010

Brighten up

Life isn't always full of roses and sun shine. But when things get tough it sure does help to have the sun and flowers there to brighten my day!
We've been graced with some amazing summer-like weather this week!  When life became rough and tough I knew there was only one way to deal. I grabbed that awesome new ride of mine, and together we rolled around town for hours on end. I abandoned any idea of a workout, and simply sought therapy. We cried together, yelled together, got mad together...but after many hours and many miles, together we smiled! Which has me considering naming the new Cervelo Laule'a.  It means happiness in Hawaiian. Man, I'm lucky to have fitness and health in my life!
Here are a few other things that made me happy this week:

Growing up, palm trees were a symbol of vacation for my family. We took countless vacations to Florida, and always said vacation started with the first palm tree sighting. Now I live amongst them, and that makes me very happy!
With 80 degree temps this week I took advantage of a few free ice baths (ocean vs. buying $15 worth of ice). How can you be unhappy with your feet are on the beach!
Although the air was warm, the water is still quite cold. Perfect for an ice bath!
 Buying local, yummy produce makes me very very happy!
Wishing you a weekend full of adventure and happiness!!

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Christi said...

I love the name for your bike!