Tuesday, March 16, 2010

XTerra virgin no more

I've heard so many positive things about the XTERRA trail run series that I wanted to get a few of their races on the calendar this year. Sadly, the last two attempts failed due to the races being postponed due to intense rain. The morning temperatures were quite frigid until the sun rose over the mountain (and the 4:30 wake up alarm wasn't fun either. Darn day light savings). 
The course wound its way around the mountain. I live 10 minutes from here, but have never run these trails. They are gnarly, steep, winding, and due to the rain very rocky, rutted, and grown over with nice thorn bushes. We even enjoyed a few water crossings, thanks to the rain. The race was a blast!
I thought this ankle injury was behind me. However it came back with a vengeance yesterday. Every steep downhill (and there were many) resulted in an intense burning pain. I didn't care about my time or place, but do care about putting this "injury" behind me. It was frustrating, but I tried not to let the discomfort get to me. The run was about adding a little fun into the training regimen. And we did just that!
Kristin, Tawnee, Me, and Tati pre-prace.
Everyone raced really well. In true triathlete form we gathered at the finish to run back into the trails to add on a few more miles. People looked at us like we were nuts. The morning was a success- 16 miles, just over 2 hours, with 9.82 solid tempo miles squeezed in the middle (the race was suppose to be a 15k, but before the gun went off we were warned it was closer to 10mi. It's XTerra, you have to know 15k is just an estimate. love it!).
After refueling I was ready to get back outside and enjoy more of the beautiful day.  I arrived at the pool for an easy 2k. Clearly I didn't get the memo. Kate and posse were there hammering out 12x400. Patrick was there after racing solid this morning- 2nd overall- and just missed the win. This daddy to be inspires me! I joined in for a good portion of their set, and after 4k called it quits. I love living in San Diego. There is always someone willing to train with you, and when you can't find someone just get out there and start rolling and you're sure to come across some great company. 
Sun shinning, mid 70 degree temps, beautiful trails & water, great friends... It was an enjoyable day to say the least.
If you get a chance to race one of the XTerra trail races I highly recommend it! Low key, fun, beautiful scenery, challenging courses, great people, and starbucks coffee waiting for you at the finish! Thanks to GU for providing the race hydration!
Goodnight from SUNNY San Diego

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