Monday, March 1, 2010

Praying and Searching

Words can't describe the immense illness people here in San Diego are feeling. If you haven't heard, a young 17 year old teenager went missing while out for a short run last Thursday. Chelsea King is a senior at Poway High School, and a member of the school's cross country team. She went running on a trail I've been on countless times, and didn't return that evening. (DNA has been obtained linking her disappearance to a registered sex offender who has since been arrested).

Today I had to do something! I use to work out in the Poway area, and run on those trails quite often. In fact, after an awesome ride up Mt. Palomar this past Friday I hit the trails to get in a t-run. I had no idea of the horrifying incident that took place the day before. Instead I listened to my ipod, and ran anomalously around the countless trails in the area. I thought about how pretty it was out there. I thought about how many times I've run out there, but every time I find a new trail to explore. Had I known Chelsea's story, at that time, I would have kept running and running, and searching and searching!
The news stories continue, so today I had to try to help. I went to the help center that has been set up in Rancho Bernado. Cars were backed up for miles. People wanted to help in any way they could. When I worked out that way I always thought the community there was tight-knit in a way the coastal communities aren't. I guess I saw how they reacted to the devastating fires a few years back. And today they pulled together for one beautiful girl. For one family dealing with a pain I can't imagine! They sent many of us away and asked us to call back and return in the afternoon. When I called they said they had plenty of people for the search teams going out at 3pm. The search is well organized, so I just hope and pray that it's successful. We all too often see these heart wrenching stories on the evening news. But this is in our news! This is in our community! This was one of our young athletes! I pray she is found alive, but if not I will return again tomorrow morning either to join an official search team or to run and run with my eyes wide open!
Here are a few images of the amazing community support, and a beautiful girl we all want to bring home to her parents!!!

Safe running to all. And please say a prayer for Chelsea's safe return!


Sue said...

as i watched my daughter take off for a run yesterday, i was thinking about this..thks for the post!!

Christi said...

Wow, that is so sad! I wish I could help but the only thing I can do from here is send prayers for her safe return! Thanks for sharing the story and please be careful during your runs!