Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh The Places You'll Go

It is really hard to move on from the topic of my last post. It's hard to change gears and follow that up with an entry about my journeys as a triathlete. I struggled to hit the trails again, but in Chelsea's honor I did so yesterday.
Chelsea's story hit me more than any other child abduction has. I think being a part of the search, and volunteer efforts to bring Chelsea home, hit me in a way I can't explain. It was such an honor to help the beautiful King family. You certainly didn't have to know this beautiful girl to have been moved by what has happened to her!
So I wanted to share one more thought on this topic. I leave you with a poem Chelsea's mom read in an interview. Chelsea was getting ready to leave for college next year. She wrote this poem (based on the Dr. Suez, Oh The Places You'll Go) for a scholarship application. My parents gave me this book when I graduated from high school, so it was so beautiful to listen to her mother read. Reading it in print doesn't do it justice, but...

My Great Balancing Act - by Chelsea King

Oh the places I’ll go, I know certainly not.
I know though, I know that wherever I go I’ll learn a great many things.
Not just about history or math, but in fact about the great balancing act.
I’ll travel great distance, I might just find myself far from home.
But nevertheless, find myself I will.
And thus I will go and continue to grow

…(portion omitted)
For I am myself and this will not change.
Today is my day.
My mountain is waiting,
And I’m on my way.


TATI said...

omg! so sad (but what a beautiful piece by Chelsea)!! Oh the Places You'll Go is my favorite Dr. Suess book!!!

Christi said...

A great poem and thanks so much for sharing! I am very sad to see such a warm heart disappear from this earth.

Ocean Soul Yoga said...

Wow Caroline, thanks for sharing this poem. What a waste that this beautiful girl's journey was cut short.

Charisa said...

So sad. But a great piece!