Sunday, March 28, 2010

Action Packed weekend

This weekend was simply awesome! The triathlon season kicked off here in Oceanside with the Cali70.3 (I think this is the first year I haven't referred to it as Ralphs...those were the days!). Not only did I have friends coming to town for that, but others are in SD for work trips. I have been a busy, but very happy girl. Nothing makes me happier than quality time with good friends!!!

Friday featured a kick ass workout with Sierra, who was down from Pasadena. Our workouts aligned perfectly, and we killed it! We got in a long ride, then I hammered out an awesome 60min t-run (I kept telling myself it would be over quicker if I just ran faster. Sadly, a 60min run is a 60min run...but the mental game worked). Then I headed to the pool on my way up to Oceanside to visit those in town for the triathlon expo.  Solid day of training indeed.
I wondered if I'd wish I was racing once I got up to the expo. Answer= NO! I've done this race enough, and was happy to take a break from it this year. But I did love seeing those familiar "Ironman faces." Seriously I have friends that live in San Diego that I never see unless we're at a triathlon (Jayme....what?!?!?!).
 I had a chance to meet with the TYR crew, and it is official- I'm a TYR chic. I couldn't be more excited about this sponsorship. Seriously, it's like a childhood friend is back in my life. I grew up on TYR swimwear and am ecstatic to be part of their effort to increase their presence in the sport of triathlon. My roots are in swimming, and now my heart is in triathlon. The match is perfect!
Ya, that trucker hat is only the beginning of their HOT HOT HOT triathlon line. Seriously, this stuff has to be awesome because it's even motivated me to schedule an ocean swim tomorrow (thankfully the water temp is about 8 degrees warmer than it typically is around this time of yr). There will be NO excuses for not performing up to my potential in open water swims this season!

From there it was off to happy hour. After a long day of training & socializing I realized I hadn't eaten nearly enough to get me through the day. This lead to me consuming a hamburger for the first time in over 6 years. Seriously good...but I'm probably good for another 6yrs now.
Since I wasn't racing Sat I jumped on the opportunity to volunteer with the Ironman live crew.
                                                 Andrew and I in the media trailer pre-race.
                                              It's 5am and we're ready  to get this party started!

I was out on the bike and run course following and spotting for the women's pro race. It was a blast...and quite inspiring! Those girls worked hard! Unlike the age group race, the pro's aren't surrounded by...well, anything! Every once in a while they would clump up but for the most part they rode and worked solo, and didn't have many other competitors in sight. Their strength must come from within! I wish I could of snapped some pics, but there was plenty to do every time they flew by me!
Once the pro's were done it was time to cheer my friends into the finish line. Awesome racing to all who threw down yesterday!! Once again I learned it is more exhausting to spectate or work the race than to race it. Seriously, it takes a village to put on these races for us! So always make sure to thank a volunteer (or 10)!

That was my weekend in a nutshell. Thankfully it isn't over yet- more people to see, places to go and things to do!



KP said...

Cool post. It was a spectacular weekend. Thanks for your updates!

Christi said...

Wow, sounds like you had a great weekend! I love the Trucker hat and congrats on the sponsorship!

Matthew said...

TYR is awesome. What a great sponsor for your season. I think that I've been rocking the exact same model of TYR goggles for about 15 years. I'm sure that TYR is going to be super successful in the Triathlon world....

Kevin said...

Hey Caroline, you're triathlon adventures are so inspiring. I love hearing about all of the fun and exciting things you're doing. Congrats again on your sponsorship of TYR. I need to get some new swim gear this training I think I'll go TYR, why not!

Keep on's great stuff!

Charisa said...

So awesome you get to work with TYR and that you gave back all weekend long :) Sounds like you are going to just fly when the racing season kicks off for you - excited about this :)