Monday, August 17, 2009

Inspired, over and over again!

I had some awesome workouts last week, but was too exhausted to think back on them, let alone update the blog...I had to re-energize and look forward to the challenges that lied ahead. I dug deep, and day after day expected more from myself. All in all, I think last week was the most solid week of training I've ever completed! I couldn't have done it without various forms of inspiration. The week was jam packed with awesome workouts, but here are the highlights.
There was Beth who pushed me through Tuesdays bike interval workout, followed by a 5mi cut-down run. I pushed here with a little cat and mouse game on the bike, and then she pushed me on the run. We started at ironman pace, and dropped 15sec's on e/ mile (last mile was uphill, but we managed just fine!). Beth, dirt uni-brow and all, I just love you! Thanks for your positivity and the inspiration!

Wednesday I hammered out a solid 80 miles with Andrew and some of the swami's boys. Just when I thought I couldn't push on for another honest effort, Katya picked me up for an evening masters swim workout. Inspiration: her endless energy and passion for this sport! 4800meters later I proved that I still had enough in me to pull off a killer long course workout. At this point I was sincerely contemplating whether I'd have anything left for the morning's track workout.
After a quick refueling and nap it was back to the track (I swear I hardly fell asleep before the alarm went off again!). Kim, Katya, and I repeated the mile repeat workout we did a few months back. My inspiration was easy to find. I hammered out the workout with three amazing people and athletes. Kim McDonald led the charge, and smiled the whole way as Katya, Beth and I tried to keep him in our sights. I thought that after so much time away from running I'd be lucky to hold 8min for the 8x1mile workout. 6:20's on exhausted legs made me quite content!

By this point all I could think of was recovering for the weekend. A few more filler workouts, two contrast baths, and a phisio tape job and I was ready. I'm still having some pain in my right ankle and left shin. I took off for Orange County to have the wonderful Eileen Olson check over my bike fit. I left a tad bit more colorful than I was upon arrival:

This stuff is magic! I can't even explain how much better my legs felt over the weekend!

In order to meet the group for the palomar ride (I refused to drive there) I was up and on my bike at 5:30 (pre sun rise). My motivation sat was pulled out of a drawer and lied on my bed stand:

Returning to Kona...motivation enough!
When training for Kona these morning workouts are so much easier to get up for! Me and Charisa before heading up Palomar....we kept these smiles the whole way up.

I felt so good at the end of the ride I had to circle the block a few times to get to an even 7hours. Ahhhh, now that is a workout well executed!
Running Sunday was another break-through moment. I was worried about how I'd come back from the time off and "injuries." Well...I'm officially back in the game! Sunday's workout included a double run and covered 19miles. Thanks to Luke I finished run #1 stronger than I started...just as prescribed. Don't ever judge one's speed by age. He can dominate the youngins!

Run #2 was inspired by the Del Mar scenery. I felt great, and couldn't stop smiling. Oh to run long again!
After a good bbq with great friends on the beach it was time for the sun to set on what I think was the greatest week of training I've ever put together!


jameson said...

solid for sure. keep it up, stay healthy, rest, and you will kill it in KONA.

take it easy on beth today... she has dinner to cook!

Charisa said...

Awesome weekend training - nice work!