Monday, August 3, 2009

So Ready!

This past weekend was just what the Dr., coach, and self ordered! One weekend remained in my no tri training 2 week test. I didn't struggle too much while in Az. First of all, I couldn't get enough of my time with Diana. Second, it was 115+ degrees outside. Hot doesn't even come close to describing the climate there right now. DRY DRY DRY and HOT HOT HOT!
If you're ever in Tempe and looking for a great masters swim workout head to ASU. Store your water bottle in the covered gutter, or you may find your it's boiling when you go to take a sip. Bonus: after you can play on the diving boards. I can indeed still pull off a forward 1.5! Too chicken to go for the double.

There was a trip to the gym on Sat. Besides that it was all play. While the girls went shopping and to a movie, the #1 husband did some house work. And when I say work...I mean WORK! I've never seen a self powered lawn mower. Nick you RULE!

The girls did help out with some car washing,

but soon after we were back to full relaxation mode! It was a perfect weekend!

I sincerely hoped that 2 weeks away from the training would rekindle my love and admiration for the sport. Oh, and heal my multiple lower leg issues.
Let's just say that as I jumped on my bike this morning to ride to the pool (why drive when I can finally ride again!) my smile was huge! After masters I took the long long route home. Oops, I already went 30mins over my planned workout time for the day. Looks like I'm cured and ready for Ironman Training!!


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