Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Fuel...and fun!

Back to the daily "grind"...and LOVING IT! I was actually happy to set the coffee pot's auto brew last night. I simply can't get out of bed unless I know my cup of joe awaits!

Last night I felt like a school girl calling friends to see who could come out to play. I considered joining the swamii's ride and then smacked myself over the head. After my time off I'd fly off the back within seconds of the first pick up! Score, Andrew was game for meeting me. As I flew up the coast to meet him I realized I didn't give instructions on who he was allowed to invite for the play date. Upon arrival at the scene it became apparent that maybe I should have given this instruction. The boys were ready, and I was worried I'd be off the back shortly.
Turns out they kept things under control and I hung on. THANK YOU BOYS! It was probably their easiest ride in months, but for me it was strong steady (and would I be a wimp if I admitted that I wanted to slow down a few times?)
I have this problem. If I'm not riding 100miles I bring very limited nutrition. If riding 100+ I pack a buffet. Today was 75mi, but I worried that if I complained once or admitted that I stupidly only packed one gel that I wouldn't be invited to play again. Thankfully we made a pit stop to refill the bottles (ps- it is HOT inland!). I again couldn't admit that I am a dumb%$s and didn't pack money (or salt, or more gu's or food). Stupid Caroline when will you learn. Had I properly prepared for the longer ride I would have joined Luke in his indulgence of diet coke.

Hey aussie triathletes...look at how big our American pop (I mean soda) cups are. (Luke informed us that our large is 3times that of Australia's). Oh, the perks of living/training in the U.S. of A.
Once I was abandoned by the boys and headed for home. I stopped once again for water. Just water :( It was official...I bonked and wanted calories! And more caffeine!

Can't wait to set the coffee pot for tomorrow mornings early track session!

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