Thursday, August 6, 2009


I really thought this would be the first summer that I might not be able travel back to MI to see the fam. My wonderful parents have a house on Lake Mi in the small town of Elk Rapids. It really is the most amazing place to relax and get away. Oh, and the cooking is great too. I just couldn't say no. My parents said I could bring a friend, and the choice was easy! The P3 of course! And I can't wait to swim in Lake MI where the water is fresh and the sharks are non-existent.
To top it off, there happens to be a half ironman that weekend in Petoskey. I haven't raced in MI since moving out here 5 yrs ago. The races are always put on by great race directors, and the race atmosphere is so fun!
I guess the half ironman racing isn't quite over yet. Another PR perhaps!?!?!?!

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