Thursday, August 20, 2009

Deja Vu

Once again Wednesday evening swim practice was TOUGH to get to. Even harder than last week because the day was so hectic I hardly had time to eat after the morning ride. I was starving, tired, and really wanted to eat instead of workout. With a little help and encouragement from some friends I got my butt to the pool. Coach told me I had to stay in for the full workout or I'd miss out on the post workout watermelon reward. Yum! Again, I contemplated hanging out on UCSD's campus over night and waking up up at the track ready to go.
No, no, no. That wasn't the Deja Vu moment. I had to wait until 6am this morning for that. Upon arrival at the track I learned the workout would be mile repeats. 2 weeks in a row?!?!? I didn't know if I could hack it. Upon consulting with Terry she instructed me to do the workout cut-down style. Start at 7:10 and descend each by 10secs. I aimed for 8 and stopped at 7. The last one seriously about killed me. I added time instead of subtracting, and with that took off for the trails to cool-down.
What if I headed for Palomar Mt. again this weekend for more Deja Vu. Nah....that is not in the works. No thank you. But after last weeks venture James found the pics that a random photographer took of our training session (and the CRAZY motorcyclist riding like life is of little/no value to them!).
Is that Cantador? Oh no...that's James

Man that looks like Lance Armstrong's huge back hump...but it's a chic, so must be me:

Go Charisa! Climb baby climb!

What goes up, must come down! I HATE this part!

It's been another great week of training! A few days left before I enjoy some recovery time in MI. Mom...the grocery list is on the way.

Keep Smiling =)

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jameson said...

thanks for the props! palomar is always fun... especially if you don't tackle it too often.

training sounds like it's going pretty good... but i am kind of bummed. beth you brought some killer cookies to your ride and I can't believe there wasn't an extra for me!

have a good weekend.