Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yes, yes, I know that Easter was last weekend. However, my Saturday workout made me feel pretty thankful. I made the decision to join the Swami's Sat ride. I by no means feel as if I "belong" on this ride. This is a ride for REAL cyclists. Few women can really hang with this group, and even fewer woman triathletes can hang. Oh how I wish I was one of those powerful women! The only way to get there is to keep trying and not give up on myself.

And so I gather with the group, and prepare my heart and mind for the pain that soon ensue. Today, I wanted to hang on. I didn't just want to hang on to "a" group, I wanted to hang with the main/lead pack. (I've gone on this ride several times, and just wait for the group to break apart and typically hang with one of the last packs or with just one or two other stragglers). I wanted to hang with the main group all the way to the point where we re-group (a church- how fitting!)- but let's be honest! I didn't believe I could. And so I made a deal with my inner self: move to the front pack and hang with them, and then hang on longer than you ever have.

We were up and over a few rolling hills, and I was still part of the group. I started believing I could do this. The guy in front of me allowed a tiny gap to form, "NOOOOOOOO" I thought (clearly I couldn't speak, as my heart was about to pop out of my chest). With determination I passed and grabbed a new wheel. And I hung on!!! The WHOLE way! As we turned into the church the guy next to me said "now there's a girl that can ride." Is he talking about me?? Hehehehehe, an instant smile came to my face.

This was a Holy Day! I hung onto those blue jersey's and never let myself give up. I took a moment to say my thanks before heading out with a smaller group of these guys for another several hours. Me and 8 guys that had already kicked my butt rolled out towards Lake Wulford.

The rest of the ride goes out east, up a decent climb, and then rolls up and down through the hills until re-joining with the coast. It's probably my favorite 100mile loop from my place. I tried hard to hold onto those blue jerseys, however knew I had already succeeded on this ride. Now I had to make sure I didn't crack too early, and stayed with my nutrition.
What a gorgeous day in San Diego!! I actually felt great the whole way back. This ride will definitely go in the bank for a future withdrawal. The rest of the night I'd remind myself that a real cyclist commented on how "this girl can ride." For me, confidence on the bike is half the battle!

Ride over, time to EAT! You know when you walk in the door, can't wait two seconds to eat, so you grab anything in site. I'm notorious for not taking in calories near the end of the ride. I start thinking about all I can eat when I get home that will be better than another Gu or bar. Yesterday the first thing I could grab was the cereal box. As I made my smoothie I wanted cheerios. But can you believe it. The ENTIRE box fell over and spilled onto the floor. Seriously!?!?! I just want food. Have you ever wondered what an entire box of Cheerios scattered across the kitchen floor would look like? Wonder no more:
Ok Cheerios...fine, I'll go aqua jog without that bowl of cereal. But after...I want a big burrito! MmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmAnd after that....time to head out for a birthday celebration. Ike's a fellow member of the Univ of Michigan athletic department family. As a 100m runner he doesn't quite understand my crazy obsession with endurance sports! I knew he'd ask how far I rode today...I tried to lie, but he didn't buy it. Happy Birthday Ike! xoxoxoxo


Bradley D. said...

so that's what a spilled box of cheerios looks like...great work with the ride!

Charisa said...

NICE job hanging on with the Swamis boys :)