Friday, April 10, 2009

History can be reason for concern!

Ok so the last three weeks I've been scared about this pain in my calf/shin. I ran in for a.r.t. and Brian felt pretty confident that it was a soft tissue issue. But the pain is VERY close to the bone, it is very localized, and it really feels like a stress fracture. AND I'd know. I've stopped counting the number of shin stress fractures I've had when I reached 15. Through college it was a yearly occurrence. Because of this history, I am quite scared of those little nasty fractures. It is why I moved away from marathon running and into triathlon. It is why only 10% of my weekly mileage is spent on the roads. Yesterday I went in for acupuncture. Again, he thought it was a soft tissue issue. Acupuncture helped quite a bit, so I was partially convinced. But still not sure, so today instead of running I went to the pool early for 30mins of aqua jogging. Is there anything worse?!?!?!
After leaving the pool I had to know. I drove over to a sports medicine facility near me and requested a medical tuning fork. The P.T. there looked at me like I was crazy (after all I'd never stepped foot into that office before!). She's informed me that "this is the old school method, and she didn't even know if they had a tuning fork. She dug through the drawers and found one. "have at it" she said. I was scared for the truth. I just stared at the silly fork thing for a while...and stared...and stared. She looked at me and said "it won't hurt that bad. Do you want me to do it." I looked up, said "yes, please. it hurts right here" she wailed the tuning fork against the wall. The tuning fork was active, placed on my bone. NO PAIN. I looked up with this surprised look. "Can you try it again?" She did. "Again." She complied. "Are you sure you're doing it right?" She made sure to remind me this isn't the ultimate test. I was happy, thanked her (the receptionist laughed at me and looked at me like I was crazy), and I left. hehe...I can't wait to run!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and speaking of history: history builds habits, and today I was ready to break a bad habit. I hate swimming on Fridays, because it is known as "Fast Friday." Yup, its a day of low volume, but increased intensity. I typically obsess about how many yards/meters I will get in, and just stay at the same pace throughout the workout. I do not have much high end speed in any sport, so why test it. Well after the race last weekend I decided I need to treat swimming like running. Make sure to get in a "track" workout once a week, in the pool. So today I embraced fast Friday. A set of 15x100's ranging from base +10, to base -10, was prescribed.
I worked hard! I kicked!!! I never kick! I was so proud of myself. Half way through the set I started thinking my typical thought, and began calculating how many meters I'd get in once this set was over. But I stopped myself. When we go to track, we don't obsess over the mileage. We focus on speed. Why do it in the pool? No, I wasn't going there. Head down, kick hard, and swim fast. Go, go, go! Stay consistent. Nothing too fast (since I am incapable of "too fast"), just tried to stay in the low 1:20's e/ 100m (man long course is harder than short course). 12 down, I'm dying. Does Terry see that I'm actually trying to sprint? #13, that hurt, a bit slower. 2 more.

For the first time in 10 years I was reminded of high school swimming. Pushing off the wall with girls on both sides of me, and hanging with them on the sprint workouts. I couldn't sprint back then, and nothing had changed. But back then if I put my mind to it, I could hang on. Time to try to hang on! During the last two I noticed I was almost a full body length down w/ 20m to go. I got to the flags, put my head down, and hit the wall first. I didn't care about beating anyone other than myself. I just used those around me to do so!
I did it. I worked hard on fast friday, AND didn't complain once that I wasn't able to get in 5k, or that I don't like sprinting. I need to remind myself what it feels like to suffer in the water. and it was fun too ;)

As I got out of the water I was reminded of this same experience last season. I had an awful swim at Honu. I came home and worked the speed workouts. 3 weeks later I was the first female out of the water at Buffalo Springs. So for the next few weeks, I will make pact with myself. Embrace the speed workouts! I know I'm not a sprinter (my VO2 max testing last night confirmed this!), but working hard at my speed workouts will be key. I wouldn't run the same speed on every running workout, so why do it in the pool.

So due to fear of a stress fracture I swam. And during my track workout in the pool I was inspired. Ahhhh yes, what a difference a week can make.

And today, the Easter bunny was re-born (last year mom and dad told me he died). AHHHHh that is just wrong. My mom is close with the Easter bunny, and must have talked to him and let him know I could use a pick-er-uper. Nothing seems to bring a smile like a package made with love from my parents! Growing up every Easter my brother and I got these HUGE milk chocolate hollow eggs, filled with the best jelly beans. Last yr I was told the Easter bunny died, so I'd have to go without. He must be back in business, because he dropped off a giant yummy egg today (its in the blue box. have to wait until Easter to open it).

Happy early Easter everyone!


Shan said...

SOOOO glad you don't have a stress fracture girl!!! :) I also go to a FABULOUS acupuncturist down in OB (specializes in sports med) - totally helped me get through my back issues. Let me know if you want his number!

Love the new blog layout :) Happy Easter!!

Jacqueline Mariash said...

thx for your sweet message about Mozart. Hope you are doing well!!