Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wake up and Smile

My phone has a setting which allows me to write something into the phone that will appear when the alarm goes off. They mean for it to be used to say what event the alarm signifies. But hello, when it goes off at 5am obviously it means that it's time to wake up. So I never write anything and just set the alarm. But today when the alarm went off I looked at my phone and saw "Wake up and Smile." Why... because it was time to grab a small cup of coffee, change the setting on my Garmin from biking to running,
Select "Running":

As I turned the corner, and the image of the track appeared, I wondered if it was a mirage. After all, it's been a month since I've been able to participate in a track workout.
My smile grew! I couldn't wait to run down and see everyone that I haven't seen since late March. For the past several weeks everyone tried to convince me aqua jogging will keep me in running shape. Yes...and No. I was still able to hold a decent tempo pace, but my higher end speed suffered a small death. And, water jogging certainly doesn't work the calf like running. So I'd need an extended stretching session to prevent this "injury" from returning...
My smile remained as I left a great yoga session with Claire, grabbed a huge coffee at the neighboring Starbucks (thanks to the SBX gift card from the rents!!) , and then put together my doctored up morning oatmeal. My fav!
I decided this morning that if I had to live on one single food, I'd pick oatmeal...


beth said...

i thought the SAME thing about oatmeal on tuesday and almost updated my facebook status with it. i eat oatmeal every day and i think i love it more each NEVER gets old!
oh, glad you're running too!

Uli said...

Hey! Yeah, get that ride in tomorrow! Hopefully it won't rain as much though, no fun riding in dangerous conditions. Are you back running now too? :-)

Jacqueline Mariash said...

my favorite too!!! congrats to the run!