Monday, April 6, 2009

Race Report....will have to wait

What a weekend. The highlight was being able to play host for two great friends and athletes. Brad was out from Boulder, and Jenny flew in from Minnesota (although I know she really wishes she was still living in San Fran and traveling from there!). I have been training way harder than I usually do this early in the year. I have been running really well, riding faster and harder, and swimming a ton. I don't feel like this effort and ability came out to play on Sat. Therefore, instead of going on and on about my dissatisfaction I'll wait another day (or two or three) to write my race report.
In the meantime I'll remember why I did this race: to gain fitness that only comes from racing! So I'll just let my legs absorb the fitness, allow my body and mind to get in a few days of rest....and write later :)

Thanks for checking in!

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Bradley D. said...

You are a rockstar host! Hope I can return the favor with a training camp in Boulder sometime. Best wishes for a top notch '09!