Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just another week

Well I've been diligent about staying away from running because of this month long soft tissue calf issue. I tried doing a test run last monday, but after ten minutes called it quits. It was frustrating, but it presented a chance to focus on cycling. I use to be freaked about riding with Swami's once a year. But in the past 2 weeks I've been lucky to join them for 3 butt kicking workouts. Each time I hang on a bit longer and get a bit more use to the sky rocketing heart rates. My goal of learning a new threshold of pain on the bike is working. I hope it pays off soon.
Katya and I discussed getting back to the top of Palomar and decided to ride out to the Mt. this past wknd. The warm weather had left us, but our minds were set. I didn't think too much of the 50 degree temps at first. We left from home for the perfect 100mile ride to the top of Palomar and back. Sea level to the tallest point in San Diego County. Fun times! Us two girls were thankful Brian and Billy joined in for the fun.
I made my first nutrition mistake of the year. Shouldn't I know better by now! I gave in to peer pressure. As the guys rode by the store at the bottom of the mountain I skipped the opportunity to fill my bottles. This resulted in me conserving fluids over the 12 mile, 5800ft of climbing. Not smart! I had felt so strong on the bike for the past 2 weeks, but as the climb went on I wasn't feeling all that hot. I was greatly surprised when I got to the top, looked at my watch, and realized that I set another PR for the long climb. Not by much...but considering I thought I was WAY off, I had to be content.

Then the ride took a turn for the worse. Yes going up is tough...but going down can be ridiculously miserable! To say I froze my ass off would be a severe understatement!!! My body pretty much went into a state of shock. My mind was shut off, and all energy went into staying warm (and yes I had long sleeves on, layers, and stuffed newspapers in my jersey). I wanted to warn those still climbing the mountain to turn around and save themselves from the descent. I have not been that miserable since the days of dodging icebergs along Belleville lake in the rowing days at UofM. Seriously have you had hypothermia? Riding without any mental power is NOT good! Cars are a blur, and suddenly I felt quite unsafe. I still had 40miles of riding. It took 10miles for me to get my body temp up enough to allow my mind to turn back on.
Once to the bottom of the Lake Wulford climb I felt ok and powered home. Good news: my legs felt ok. Bad news: the nutrition shortage from the Palomar climb coupled with my frozen state resulted in a tough bonk!
Lesson learned: although newspapers stuffed in the jersey help when descending from 6,000ft, its not enough to combat the sub 50 degree temps. No more Palomar climbs in the cold!

I logged 300miles on the bike last week, and about 550 over the last two weeks (with some awesome high quality long fast, break through, group rides).

The highlight of the month came on Sunday. I returned to my favorite workout: Sunday Ranch Run! I kept to the short loop (only 8.5mi) but completed it with limited pain. I was back to running, and felt better than I thought I would. My lower legs were tight and a bit painful, but I was just ecstatic to have my Brooks on and be running with my great sunday run buddy's.
Plus, a quick trip to the pool and Sculpt Fusion for Yoga would help alleviate the calf tightness. (I showed up at the studio in my bathing suit, as I didn't have time to change. People looked at me like I was a bit off. But that's just how the weekends seem to go. From one workout to the next, and then running to the next social gathering. I made it into the yoga room with 10seconds to spare before class. Perfect- that means I maximized my run and swimming time). Yoga was a savior! My legs felt great again, and I was ready for a few recovery days before hitting it next weekend. Just have to say another thank you to Sculpt Fusion for helping me through the mental and physical struggles that come with this sport (and life in general)!

On other news, the Red Wings are on to Round Two! Yeah Baby! Oh and...only 18 sleeps until my Birthday in Bermuda trip!! I can't believe its almost time for that big big birthday of mine. I think it will be my 28th this year ;)

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