Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ready or Not?!?!

I think I'll pick the "ready" option! Last night I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Wait...that would mean I was dead, lying in the street. I was more like a crazy blonde, unable to keep track of everything I needed to do and get anywhere on time. But I got it all done. Man am I thankful for friends (or as one friend called pit crew, haha. Just like a nascar driver can't win without his pit crew, I can't even get to the start of a race without amazing support!) :)
First I had to make a run by Terry and Billy's place. Is there anyone more kind and giving than those two?!?! Answer: NO! I always stress that no matter how many times I look over my bike, something will go wrong on race day. Whenever I don't have someone look over my bike prior to the race I am plagued with strange noise, or rubbing noises that stress me out while on the course. Billy provided me that ease of mind, by checking over my baby and getting him ready to roll. Isn't he hot!!!

Then it was off to see Brian for a.r.t. Thank goodness I found him and he's part of the "pit crew!" A HUGE part of my ability to get my running back to where it once was is in thanks to him! Not being injured and unable to run sure does help! Not saying I don't have a million aches/pains/disabilities...but being able to run through them thanks to Brian is huge. For those who haven't tried a.r.t, I highly recommend it. But it isn't just about finding the practice. You have to find the right practitioner! I've had a few issues in my lower leg, so I had those worked out one final time.

Then it was off to see Joey to pick up an air mattress to sleep one of my weekend house guests. I was so lucky to pick up dinner from him as well. It was after all 8:30 and I hadn't eaten in hours. (a rarity for me!) Best turkey burger I've ever had. Next time you make a turkey burger add spinach, dried cherries, and feta cheese to the meat before you cook it. It's crazy good!

Not much more to report. I'll head up to registration today, and then my house guests will start arriving. I can't wait! Racing is fun, but racing with great friends is awesome!!
Next entry will hopefully be jam packed with awesome race report news. Until then...make every day a great day!

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