Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sunday's Crystal Cove Extravaganza

Those that are able to update their blogs as life unfolds amaze me. So, without further ado.....
 The Crystal Cove 17k has now been rescheduled three time. I didn't quite mind, because the timing of this race was perfect for me. I had just come off that long long (but crazy fun!) Sat ride, and a tough training week. No better way to top it off than with a trail race! Plus, without a little race motivation I'm not sure I would have been able to get my legs movin' Sunday morning. I love these XTerra races. I was warned that this course was ridiculously challenging. It didn't disappoint.
Tawnee was an amazing host. THANKS girl. I was able to stay with her Sat. night to ensure I'd actually wake up AND make it to the starting line in time.
We LOVE our GU!!!
People said the flowers were out...but I was too busy feeling the burn of the 180HR going up hill, or staring at the ground on the downhills to prevent a face plant incident.

As you can tell by the graphic above the course starts with a killer climb. It only took 90 seconds for my HR to shoot up to 178. I know I'm not the best at drastic rocky downhills so I tried to get out in front from the get-go.  By the top of climb one I was the lead female. By the bottom of hill 1, I was in 2nd, by the top of hill 2 I regained the lead, by the bottom I was in 2nd. Frustrated that I was suffering the 180+HR to get the lead, then losing it on the downhill/free speed sections, I decided to suck it up and charged ahead.

When the trail flattened out a bit (not often) I looked back to see if the downhill runners were approaching. I built enough of a lead that I was able to cautiously/wisely back off a bit on the final descent for home.
Turns out not only did the opportunity to "race" get me out of bed, but it also got my heart pumping, and lead to an overall win (10th human).
This was The Perfect way to spend my Sunday morning, and close out a tough training week! The breakfast was "Caroline approved" (healthy, and not all that starchy stuff), and  there was plenty of Starbucks coffee to top off our jumbo mugs ;)
 The male and female overall winners. He freaking FLEW!
Tawnee also had an unbelievable race, and won her age group. WHOOOP WHOOOP! Killer race girl!!
If you haven't thought of racing in the California XTerra Trail race series, you should! Brennan puts on some stellar races (fun, low key, great great courses, and good peeps all around!). Thanks so much to him and all the volunteers out there! Thinking of hitting up Malibu next week for the next SoCal event.
But in the meantime I'm enjoying some time in St. George, Utah. It's time to get the North American Ironman season under way. I have so many friends racing here, so couldn't pass up the opportunity to play support crew. It's going to be a good one!!!

Keep Smiling =) and...Happy Training!


Ocean Soul Yoga said...

You are amazing Caroline!!

Christi said...

Great job on the race! Have a great time in St. George and good luck to all your friends!

Mary said...

Wow..super fast girl! I need some serious run tips from you :) Have fun in Utah!

Tawnee said...

It was a pleasure having you stay with us! You're welcome any time!!! It was also a pleasure chasing you out there... totally motivated me to go hard!