Saturday, April 10, 2010


Racing close to home really is a treat. My own surroundings, pre-race tune up in the environment I'll be racing in, no baggage/bike fees, and of course my own bed!
Laule is pimped out and ready for his race day debut (it should be spelled Laule'a, however that sounds too girly...and it's a dude, so I'm going with Laule).

I woke up early (not necessarily by choice) to get in a quick swim/bike/run. All systems are Go. The surf at Coronado is huge. Getting out to that vast ocean will not be easy, nor will surfing our way back to shore. But we're racing in the land of the Navy Seals, nothing about it should be easy! 
I made a quick stop at Target for the wonderful socks turned arm warmers. It worked perfect for IMAz. They go on and off really easy, however I doubt it will warm up enough to take them off tomorrow =(
 On another note I received a really amazing email from my freshman year college rowing coach (on the right above). A few years ago she kicked breast cancer in the arse! During her battle to overcome the disease she inspired me to dig deep and push through my own dismal challenges. Knowing what she was battling kept me focused during a lot of workouts. I never told her this, but doesn't it go without saying. How can you know someone dealing with this and not be inspired!! Well in the email she told me that while she was fighting for her life she enjoyed reading about my triathlon endeavors and how I pushed through when things got tough. This coming from the person who taught me to FIRST love the sport you're doing, and only then can you really win and accomplish greatness! I was touched beyond words, and once again overcome with emotions of gratitude that she is now healthy and happier than ever.
You see another dear friend of mine is suffering this same fight, and it just isn't easy watching such lovely, young, energetic, athletic women go through this. I want to ripe the bad cells from her body and squash them for good. But as she fights, she also inspires! It isn't fair, it isn't right, and it isn't easy. Claire proves that simply by the power of our being we can help empower others. She certainly didn't ask for this :( If I can race with even 1/2 the fight that Claire has displayed over the past few months it will be a great day. This one's for you girl!

So.....Let the 2010 Triathlon season begin! The Navy Seals put so much into this race and I can't wait for the challenge. High surf, strong winds, soft sand: BRING IT!!!



Mary said...

great post! Go kick some butt. Miss you!

Christi said...

Go take the race by storm!