Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ocean or Washing Machine?!?!?!

The theme for my workouts today was Beach! Temps in San Diego reached 80 degrees today. I live in paradise!!
Of course I rarely just sit on the beach. It's not so much my thing. But a run on the beach was the perfect start to this beautiful day! I'm experiencing this annoying, increasing strong shin pain. It's not sitting well with me, especially seeing as though the first race of the year is a few days away. Oh well, it is what it is and this isn't something new for me. I can deal (and smile while I'm at it)!
Sunday's race is flat but incredibly challenging. The swim starts on the Navy Seals training beach, and features a traditional beach start- heading straight for the high surf. I'm hoping the past 2 ocean swims will come in handy in getting out through the break.
The run includes 4+ miles of soft sand running. Add in a windy windy bike to the south tip of Coronado and we'll have ourselves a little party! Yaaaa Baby!!!
                             Look who just moved to San Diego! Welcome to town Julie =)
It seemed like the perfect day for an ocean swim. Sadly, we didn't take into account the wind and ridiculously choppy water. However, the new wetsuit kept me happy as-can-be out there. My stroke felt so much stronger and longer. My lats felt like they could engage better, and in return I think I moved faster. Test #1 comes Sunday!
                                         Thankfully we were accompanied by a Navy Seal diver
                         and a paddle board escort. (Although w/ the chop he couldn't actually stand up)
At one point I could have sworn I saw a whale's water spout! Ok Caroline, that was a scuba diver. Keep swimming!
Together we battled our way out into the Pacific. As long as we didn't stop it was a blast. Stop and the stomach starts churning!
The swim back to the cove was against the current. Fun times!

Even amidst the surf and chop, we took in the beauty of the moment. I so wish the sun was going to stay around for the weekend. I don't think we'll be so lucky. Sun or clouds; shin pain or not; surf or flat seas; I'm ready to play!!!

Goodnight from beautiful sunny San Diego.


Christi said...

I love the pics and you do live in paradise. I back out there in May for business and I can't wait. I hope your shin heals soon so that it is not a problem during your race!

Shan said...


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