Sunday, April 25, 2010

Love and Laughter

Another typical- coachless caroline training weekend. I get to do what I want, when I want, where I want...and hope I'm being smart about it. I've said this in the past, but one of the advantages of not having a coach is you learn how to listen to your body. This weekend was AWESOME! My body said "go for it!" "have fun!" "smile lots!" "laugh more!" and... remember how much you love this sport.
 Sat. I enjoyed (no really, every mile of our 120 adventure was fun) long ride with Colleen. She's training for her first Ironman, IMCDA. This is the kind of athlete you can't wait to watch attempt this feat. She is a psycho fast swimmer, very talented athlete, and has been dominating her age group since getting into triathlon. When she told me she had 6.5hrs on her schedule I asked if I could play tour guide.
I couldn't wait to share one of my favorite IM training routes with her. She's never been this far east, never climbed these hills/mountains, and simply has never been on her bike this long. I love Ironman, and want her to also ;) I was equipped with some homemade bars to serve as a little treat at the half way point.
I successfully stayed on top of my calorie intake and prayed fit and fast Colleen wouldn't leave me for dead. After 3.5 hours of going up, up, up, up, the horses were there to welcome us to the half way point...
And to think that just a few years ago I dreaded the long rides. Now I look forward to all the wonderful places Laule takes me-both near...and far!
Showing Colleen where we were on the big map. Heeeelllllllllllllllllllloooo Julian!

I seriously smiled the entire ride- EVEN when Colleen took over the tour guide responsibilities and opted for a route that added another 6miles onto our ride. 112miles!?!?!?! whats a few more!
How hot is that bike ;) The fact that I don't even have an ironman on my schedule, yet, confirms that I truly love training.
Thinking of all I wanted to eat when I got home carried me up the final climb - still with a smile on my face. And thank you Colleen for all the laughs. You seriously crack me up!
Long workout indeed, but my fun filled weekend of climbing in the wonderful outdoors wasn't over yet. After eating lots, and sleeping a little, it was time for Day 2-Crystal Cove 17k XTerra Trail Race... stay tuned...


Christi said...

That is a crazy long ride but you look like you had a great time. Having fun is really all that matters!

tati said...

dude sign up for an Ironman already!! you're making me feel lazy ;)