Saturday, May 8, 2010

St. George...the newest Home to Ironman!

Last week I escaped San Diego. I couldn't resist the opportunity to play Ironman sherpa, train my fanny off, and enjoy some spectacular UT views. Before we could take in the views Katya and I had to get there.
Yes that is what a car looks like when 2 female triathletes go on a road trip. (boys would enter in the picture soon enough, so we were kind enough to make room for the beer).When traveling to Utah, remember it's a BYOB kind of party...
The morning after we arrived in St. George I jumped on my bike, eager to explore this beautiful (but VERY windy) training ground....with the help of some arm written directions.
It is so gorgeous out there! I eventually made my way down to the swim course (about 20 miles away from town and T2). I spotted Lori, and enjoyed a quick pre-race cruise with her. Then back to exploring!
I enjoyed a few solid days in the saddle out there. I also thought I'd jump into the lake to for a few open water swims. Turns out the water was well below my temperature allowance. The local pool sufficed for a few 5k swims.
What about running you ask? Well, this was my view while I hammered out 20x400 on the track.
I wish I had a video of the final 4 laps of this track workout. The wind was HOWLING, making this the toughest track session to date. It felt like a strength workout as I battled the winds, and it took everything I had to hang in there with my desired pace for all 20. I said I'd stop at 12, then 16...then with 4 to go approximately 200 second graders entered the track. They had a "elementary track meet extravaganza" later that morning. The kids took it upon themselves to line the track and cheer me on for the last 4. I couldn't stop and disappoint the kids! Maybe I didn't have a training partner for this workout, but man these kids sure did fill that motivational void!

Just remembering that workout makes me exhausted. So, that's all for now ;) More St. George pics to come.


Christi said...

First, great choice of beer! I love it and that is my team's name!

Second, the pics are great and it looks like you got some great workouts complete.

Finally, congrats to those kids. That is awesome that they cheered you on!

Colleen said...

love how you guys packed the car! great use of space!

Charisa said...

Beautiful!! Looks like a ton of fun :)