Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wrapping it up!

This entire week is full of "finals." Sunday was my final long long run. This Saturday I'll get in my final long ride. Today was my final long track workout. At this point in the training I wouldn't have made it through these workouts alone. Today was no different! Thankfully I had some great company for round one of the workout: 3x2miles. Then it was time to crawl inside myself and tough out 3x1mile. I was pleasantly surprised that I got faster and faster as the miles went by. A great sign! I also had a little help from my new favorite shoes.
Brooks released an absolutely, positively, awesome new shoe! The Launch. Welcome to the family! I'm in LOVE! It's a lightweight racer that still has enough shoe for my injury prone self to race with.

During this final week of long workouts my mind began to wonder. It wondered to an amazing place: the Hawaiian Ironman course! During Savasana at yoga I was overcome with emotion as I envisioned turning the hot corner and heading towards the finish. Since qualifying for the Big Dance I've wondered if I'd be able to rekindle that "I'm living my dream" feeling that I felt for 26.2 miles last year. Those amazing emotions were what powered a run split I really hope I can repeat. In that moment my motionless body was overcome with indescribable excitement. It's pretty awesome that in just 22.5days I will RELIVE this dream.
Enough said...time to put a few more deposits into the bank!

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