Monday, September 14, 2009

It's in the bank!

Isn't it funny that when ironman training gets "exciting" during the long long hour weeks, the blog entries stop. All of a sudden there seems to be little to blog about. What's there to say; I've been riding and running miles on end. Some might find it hard to tell that I'm still loving it. My face constantly has a look of exhaustion, while my body is looking ahead to the IM taper. But overall the workouts have been going extremely well. I'm riding way better than I was last year, and my running is right there also. I am insanely impressed with those who can put together sentences and thoughts to keep up their blog during these big weeks! It all makes me wonder how on earth I did all this last year while working a ton to prepare for a trial that was set to go last October.
This weekend included a few excellent workouts. I can't say thank you enough to those who joined me for the hours-o-fun! Although my ocean swim buddy's dropped the hammer (and in turn dropped me) it was kind of fun. Sadly, the water isn't as clear and warm anymore (I am really looking forward to getting to Hawaii!). Once out of the water I watched the guys jump into the hot tub while I rode off to meet Andrew and Jason to cruise some east county climbs. Sadly I had to take on the transition run on my own...but at least I enjoyed 6+hours of training with great company pushing me along.
Sunday was my biggest run before race day. I was once again joined by a group of awesome athletes. I went to the ranch run to get an early start. To my excitement a half dozen others stud runners had the same plan. I had company for 2 of my 2.5 hour run! Score!! Thanks Beth, Becki, Gina & Meghan! 19miles in the bank and only 4 more to go later that day. Knowing monday was massage day made it a much easier to get out the door for the second run.

I've made some tremendous deposits into the bank, but probably the biggest reason to celebrate this weekend was, without a doubt, the Wolverine win over the fighting Irish! Our true freshman QB from San Diego came through in a big way! I wonder if he heard the hundreds that gathered at our alumni bar out here cheering for him?!?! GO BLUE!!! HAIL TO THE VICTORS!

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Charisa said...

Nice training - it's getting close :)