Saturday, September 26, 2009

The weather's having its way with me!

This weeks theme has been fog! Three times this week I've headed to the ocean with hopes of getting in a few open water swims. Three times the weather has said "sorry, try again later."
When you can't see your hand in front of your face it isn't a good idea to get in the water. Before you know it you could be swimming to Hawaii! Thanks, but I'd prefer to fly.

I love living close to waters edge, but today it wasn't an advantage. Due to the fog I drove east until I saw bright bright blue sky's. The santa ana winds have been acting up this week. Therefore it was HOT (95+) and very dry. I am a minority in the fact that I prefer humidity over dry heat. (Guess that's a good thing, seeing as though I'll be on the Big Island in 8 short days). I thankfully had company for my last longish ride. Just before my last 15minute tempo effort I cracked...bad! I was tired, maybe a bit dehydrated and dying from the heat. I was just ready to be done. My training partner had a strange way of motivating me, and I hammered out the last effort.
We couldn't down the fluids fast enough after our transition run. My legs were tired, but I held onto my prescribed pace for the entire run. I didn't look so good after!

We couldn't swim in the morning, so after stuffing our face with my favorite Swami's Cafe grub we hit the beach. I had severe food coma! So first I got in a quick power nap. Seriously if they left me there all night I would have been just fine!

Surprisingly the swim was awesome. The water temp was great. Speed suits or bikini's?

If you ever wonder why it is I am scared of swimming in the ocean out here, here's your answer. This is what you see when you look down:

NOTHING! And when you can't see what's beneath you your mind can play some pretty awful tricks on you!

It's ok to be really tired right now, right? I remember making a few calls to Roch last year around this time. I expressed how exhausted I was even though the volume from the past week was much less. He assured me that fatigue is delayed. Therefore, what you do in the days and weeks prior will not leave you exhausted immediately. Fatigue can also linger until the body has ample time to recover. This morning I listened to my body and enjoyed a "no legs" morning. The fog denied me from the ocean so I hit up masters. Thankfully all that's left on the schedule for today is college football and a much needed massage!
...and I'm happy to report that Michigan added another check to the win column. GO BLUE!

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