Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Countdown is on!

Things are good over here in sunny San Diego! Today's workout included a 2 hour ride with some intervals to test the heart rate and legs. The legs are still tired, but they'll gain the spunk they need by the time race day rolls around. The heart rate responded just as it should have. It's all a great sign that my body is soaking in the taper is on track. Then it was off for a short t-run in the trails by my house.

I need to approach race week with the comfort in knowing I trained harder, longer, and hopefully even smarter this season (isn't that half the battle!?!?!). It seems like forever ago that I was wondering if I'd make it back to the Big Island this year. With the ridiculous speed and strength of my competitors I knew I had a mountain to climb to get there.

I made it up and over that one and am ready for the reward! 9.5 days!

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