Saturday, February 27, 2010


I was hoping to get this post out several days ago. Sometimes there is just more to life then working out. I'd love to call it "training" but with a limited race schedule right now I think it's better defined as working out. Soon I hope to redefine the daily activity as TRAINING! ha.

So rewinding back to Presidents Day. I was beyond blessed to enjoy God's beauty at it's best. This is by far the best ride Palm Springs has to offer! How have I never done it before. Idyllwild, you did not disappoint! Last Monday may go down as the most beautiful ride ever! It involved palm trees, climbing, back country, sun AND snow! I can't put into words how awesome the ride was, so I'll let the images do the talking.

My friend Mitch was beyond awesome to invite me to crash his training camp (did I just call it "training"?). Thanks to CPC my legs enjoyed an awesome 110 mile beating. I was smiling from ear to ear every single second of the ride (yes, EVEN while climbing to 6,000ft!). It was a re-awakening and reminded me how beautiful this world is from atop a bicycle.

This was only the beginning of the climbing. Snow capped mountains appeared in the distance. Slowly we worked our way towards/up them.

I tried hard to hang onto the boys wheels for the first of many long climbs. At no time did I think about calling it quits (although I did have my opportunity on this pay phone in the middle of NO WHERE!!)

The scenery only became more spectacular along the way. I held on, climbed to new heights, and snapped as many photos as I could while hanging on.

There might not be a store out there, but there is a spring. They say the water gives u special powers!

Eventually we made it to the top of the snow capped mountains. The weather was perfect, and the views were breathtaking. The pics don't do it justice! The sun was out so we stayed warm, causing little concern when we flew by these cautionary signs:

Snow + Sun = Beautiful + Comfy! But what goes up, must go down...

Thank you Lori for being an amazing host! It was an awesome weekend! This ride will make St. George seem like a pancake!

Jen followed us the entire ride! She kept our water bottles (and diet coke- mmmmm) cold, provided some yummy snacks, and took pics of us suffering on the climbs. She was amazing!

7 hours of PURE ENJOYMENT!!!

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