Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Part I

This weekend was just what I needed. I escaped to one of my favorite winter destinations: Palm Springs. I was going to do the century ride out there on Sat, then half marathon Sunday but I am not really a fan of the flat/pot hole/ blah scenery century. I wasn't feeling well late last week, so when the invite came in to join my friend Mitch and his campers for their long mountainous ride on Monday I was sold!

So, the weekend started with the half marathon.
At the start I met a fellow Brooks teammate. She just moved out to Cali so it was great to welcome her to her first SoCal race! And she dominated it!!

When the gun went off she took control and never looked back. 6:00 pace was well beyond my capabilities for the beginning, middle, or end of the race. I won't get into the boring details (but the above pic is #1 and #2 overall- GO BROOKS!).
The most entertaining parts: I got hit by a car around mile 11.5 (obviously nothing serious), and at one point I thought I made a wrong turn and went back. No biggie, but it cost me the 1:27 I really wanted. My main goal was to work on packing- out easy and build throughout. I failed the test!!! I once again made the mistake of going out too fast and then died in the last mile. But I still scored a new PR-1:28. I'm SO out of shape, overweight and sluggish so I'll take it!

Oh! And how can I forget that I got schooled by a 10 year old. I didn't see him in the results (I wanted to look up his age), but I didn't miss him when he passed me and then continued to run away from me. I had to find him after and ask how old he was! Seriously, what 10yr old runs 13.1miles, let alone at sub 7min pace?!?!?! He Does (and said it didn't hurt one bit!):

I also enjoyed meeting and hanging out with a former Her Sports teammate of mine, Polly. She ran a marathon last wknd, rode the century Sat, and then the half marathon Sunday. Polly, you're a STUD! (Can't wait to cheer u on at Cali70.3).

Lori, the hostess with the mostest, had everyone over for breakfast and a contrast bath (I think ppl planned to only go in the hot tub, but the pool/hot tub combo made for the perfect recovery contrast bath. So I sold them on the benefits. haha).

Later it was heart shaped pizza

and off to bed to get ready for an AWESOME ride on Monday. I can't wait to write the post about that one. The weather was beyond perfect, the views were ridiculously breathtaking, and the entire ride was a blast (all 7ish hrs)...stay tuned.


Christi said...

Sounds like you had a great run. The 10 year old runner is awesome!

Mary said...

Nice work and super fast. Wish I could run that fast. I love that you say you're out of shape and overweight...hilarious (and not true). I wonder what you say about your hip friend over here :)

Charisa said...

Whooo hoooo congrats speedy! Looks like a fun weekend. Love that heart pizza :)