Thursday, February 4, 2010

Who ya gonna call,

When your coach tells you to hit the track for some mile repeats?
The ghost busters are old and can't run, so that won't work. (Ok that was lame! But I'm physically and emotionally exhausted so my creativity is lacking. ha )

In some sick way I've learned to love this workout. I need to meet this Coach Paul fella ;) Last year Kim and Katya taught me exactly how this workout is done. Pace, run smart, feel the burn, know you can't possibly do another but somehow you pull off 3 more.

Today I fell victim to another Coach Paul athlete. I promised Tati I'd hang with her for 6. We started at a solid pace, and after 6 I was toast! My legs were screaming for me to give in and just stop already. Tati wouldn't have it, and pulled me through #7. The last one always takes care of itself and we killed it! or did it kills us?

Dramatic? A tad, but I really felt that fried. Guess the workout was a success!

Yesterday I actually registered for this wknd's XTERRA trail run. Today it was canceled because the forecast calls for heavy rain tmr and Sat. I'm super bummed, but I guess I'll just have to run twice as hard in the half marathon next weekend. Today's workout gave me a little more confidence that a decent half marathon might actually be possible.

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Christi said...

I love the pics. It definitely looks like you had a hard workout!