Wednesday, March 16, 2011

News...Exciting News

It seems like forever ago that I was standing on the Big Island deciding whether it was time for me to start working with a coach. The search began the day after Ironman. I met with a few people there, Lava Java of course, and talked to many more after. I wanted to find someone that: understood where I'm at and what I want to accomplish, could help me learn how to integrate power into my training and racing, could help me learn more about my fitness, strength, & weaknesses from doing various fitness testing, and simply someone who believes in me. That said, really, above anything else I was just looking for that indescribable connection that would allow me to completely trust in the their approach. I did pretty well on my own (with immense help from friends-Terry, Brad, KP to name a few!) but knew in my heart that it was time to really commit to a coach.
Well...I'm confident that I've found something very special! and am ecstatic to now be working with Chris Hauth. I don't know where to begin, but let's just say I already trust him 100% and know I'm in amazing hands. It is so obvious that he really cares about his athletes, understands where triathlon stands in my life, and has a pretty amazing athletic resume! He is a former olympic swimmer and ironman champion... but what really sold me?? He too is a former Wolverine (swam at UofM). Hell's ya- team GO BLUE! in the making!!!
When I found this pic online, I couldn't resist ;-)
Last week our journey together started with a little testing & training. I met Chris and his testing guru, Craig Upton, in L.A. for lactate testing.  This was the critical first step to a new focused/meaningful training approach.
From there we set off for St. George, where Chris will be racing in a few short weeks. We had several hours in the car to get to know each other, and by the time we got to St. George I felt like I've known him for years. PS- if anyone ever tells me they can't fit another bike in their car I might have some doubt. 1 car, 2 passengers, 12 bikes!!!
Day 1 of camp included a swim (time for me to actually get into the pool again!!), 92mile bike out on the course, and a quick run preview of the first section of the run course. Last year I spent the week before Ironman St. G training out there. It was freezing, and the winds were insane! This time around it was much more enjoyable, and the sun was shinning every day.
Day one was the start of "training with a purpose." So many of us get so caught up in how many hour we train, and how that compares to other athletes. (I do it too!). For me, this is not the answer for how to get faster on the bike. Chris pulled in the reigns and held me back during the first 2.5 hrs. Thereafter, it was all about quality. I focused on the work I needed to do and in the end felt a greater benefit (both mentally and physically).
A special thanks to GU for sending the group a plethora of nutrition to keep us fueled. We tested the new GU Electrolyte tabs (flavors: orange, lemon-lime & peach tea), and survey says...LOVE 'EM!

Ok, this is quickly becoming a long one, so we'll leave it at that for now. More camp re-cap tomorrow, and I think there might be a little more fun news to share later in the week. Stay tuned, and thanks for reading! I am beyond excited to be an AIMP athlete, and I can't wait to share this journey with you...