Friday, March 18, 2011

Camp Continued

Our time in St. George continued with more swim, bike, run...and many many more laughs. Most people in the group are from San Fran, and have been fortunate to have been working with Chris for some time.
Everyone welcomed me into the group with open arms. The weekend was an absolutely perfect introduction into what a killer coach Chris is! I saw first hand how much he cares about each athlete...and it was awesome to watch him out there tearing it up with us. He will no doubt be an inspiration to me along the way!
Day 2 included another ride, and a longer transition run. We rolled down to the lake and said a quick prayer for those racing (that the water would warm up of course).
It was a quick: "look at the pretty lake," and then we were rolling again. I jumped on the wheel of Chris and Rich and let them set a good tempo for the ride home. By the looks of this pic, we must have been moving right along...
While most of the gang scouted out the run course, I headed for the trails. Since I'm not racing St. George, I opted for the more scenic terrain. Plenty of ups and downs, and many epic views. I got completely lost in there, and loved every second of it (Just as I was about to start my run Chris said "feel free to run 90 minutes if you want, it's gorgeous back there." I utilized every minute and took it all in). Almost 12 miles of trail running= pure heaven. It was the mental escape us runners and triathletes crave!
Crave. Did someone say Krave? So, if you're going out for Ironman you have to hit this place up. Last time I was there Katya and I went nuts w/ their Only 8 fro yo. This time I knew to overload on it Sat night because it isn't open on Sundays.
 Sorry for the side bar topic, but I don't want any of you St. George racers to miss out on the KRAVE experience.
We topped off our training on Saturday with a solid swim session, and a quick meal, before heading off to bed. Sunday was a dark and early start (time change). First up, a 2 hour run through another set of miraculous trails. I was blessed with the company of an equally spectacular running partner. After Sat's trail run my legs weren't capable of much. I just wanted to cruise, and laugh- so I called upon Soup to lead the way. I mean, if you're nickname is Soup you have to be funny...right?!?!?!
Thanks for the run Matt!!! I can't wait to watch you crush this course in a few short weeks.
We quickly transitioned to the bike for one last spin through the IM course. If anyone has any questions about the course, I now know just about every detail of it!  Animals and all...
And that's a wrap. The weekend was exactly what I needed! I returned to San Diego with a renewed sense of excitement and love for the sport. Oh, and thanks to Chris I also returned as a tired, but happy, camper.
Keep it real, and whatever you do- KEEP IT FUN!