Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The body

My body has been sending mixed messages. Since getting back from the coast ride I've had some very strong workouts. My cycling is coming around, and I believe my goals on the bike will become reality this year. I'm fighting hard and learning to deal with a new level of discomfort on the bike.
Pic of Beth and I fighting on Day 3.
 I jumped in with the Swami's ride last Wednesday wondering if my legs would come to play post 380mi ride-o-fun. For the most part they did. By the end of the ride I was finally convinced that I was ready to test my 2-wheel tango skills. I came home and signed up for a stage race next weekend. I'm less scared than I was 3 weeks ago, and way more excited about the idea than I would have been this time last year. If I can hang onto this train, I hope I can hang amongst the Cat4 girls out in Arizona next week.
My USA cycling license # has been issued. Entry to Valley of the Sun is confirmed. I know signing up for a race isn't a big deal. But for me, this one is. Two or three years ago I only liked cycling because it was squeezed between a swim and a run. I have since fallen in love with the sport, and am excited to take it to another level. I mean, don't get crazy- I'm not a cyclist and never will be. (ok, never say never! I'm learning a lot about this lately). But I hope my cycling legs will carry me to new levels this triathlon season. 
Although I've had some killer workouts, I've also had some not-so-killer ones.  I wasn't recovering as well between workouts, and was hitting big walls during my workouts at the end of each week. Unfortunately Beth and James experienced my frustration two weeks in a row.
 Gotta love riding behind tiny James and Lesley when you're not feeling right. I don't know where their tiny bodies pack the power- but they're loaded with it! Doesn't make drafting easy, esp when you feel like your going backwards down the mtn instead of climbing it.
I knew this feeling wasn't just result of normal training fatigue. So Monday I set off for a quick visit to the doc. Test confirmed what I probably already knew- Iron, I need more...much more! My body doesn't absorb it well, and although I've had this under control for quite some time, I have to get back on the iron supplement routine...this anemia killing dinner should help too!
To make things worse I woke up feeling a little under the weather yesterday. I'm trying hard to listen to my body and just sit still, but it isn't easy for me. I don't play sick very well. I didn't feel too bad when I woke up (probably because I was still half asleep), so I found my way to the track. Andrew escorted me for my first real track workout of the season. I lost about 10lbs of snot during the course of the workout, and then spent the rest of the day tied to the couch. Hopefully these cocktails will get me back on my feet stat!
After all, there is bike racing to do!
Happy healthy training to you...