Tuesday, September 14, 2010


There was a lot of indulging after IM Canada.2 solid weeks of eats and treats. Last years 6 week Ironman turn success is keeping me calm in no rush to jump back out there and "train" again. So while everyone else is out there completing century rides and endless hours of running, I've been baking, eating and eating eating eating. One of my immediate post IM treats was a whole foods power cookie. It was beyond good! So I took the ingredients and tried to whip up a batch of my own. Not too shabby for attempt #1. and those who taste tested for me gave raving reviews. They put your regular chocolate chip cookie to shame!
In a large bowl mix:  2C Spelt Flour;  1C quick oats; 1/4C almond meal (at trader joe's-just ground almonds); 1/3C wheat germ; 1/4C flax seeds; 1C dark chocolate chips (or more ;) ); 3/4C raisins; 1/4C sunflower seeds; 1/4C raw pumpkin seeds; 1/4C hemp seeds; 1T cinnamon; 1t salt.
In a separate bowl mix: 1C soymilk; 1/2C canola oil; 1/2C raw sugar ; 1/4C honey; 1/4C molases; 2T egg whites (the WF cookie used water-in case you want to make it into a vegan treat).
Fold wet into dry ingredients. Bake at 350degrees for approximately 12 mins.

After enjoying cinnamon swirl french toast in week one, I decided to whip up a healthier alternative for week 2.
Protein pancakes. In a blender combine: 3/4C fat free cottage cheese, 3/4C rolled oats; 1/4C almond meal; 1/4C wheat germ; 3T ground flax seeds; 1/3C unsweetened coconut; honey or agave to taste; 2 egg whites; 1t vanilla; then add your choice of milk (I didn't measure this, but slowly add it until you get your desired pancake batter consistency). Blend and pour in pan. Make smaller thin pancakes. They cook slower than traditional pancakes.

To break the eating binge (and I'm not talking about the recipe's above. I'm referring to the tub of ice cream, tortilla chips and 'not so healthy' bake goods that I was shoveling into my mouth) I decided to add a few hawaiian treats to my grocery cart.
And last weekend I finally jumped back on the saddle for a crazy easy spin. Worthy of a post ride treat, sure why not. Coconut, banana, mango protein smoothie.