Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great Lakes- No Salt, No Sharks

 My dad found a t-shirt that says just that. And he loved to remind me of it every time I went out to the lake to swim. I really don't remember the last time the water in Lake MI was this warm and clear in August! I took full advantage and swam almost every day. The best was my Wednesday morning father/daughter outing. I really wanted to swim across the Traverse Bay (a huge bay of Lake Mi). It's approximately 4 miles. We tested our luck early in the morning, hoping there would be few boats on the lake and fewer waves. (Yes, for those of you who haven't been to the great lakes, it looks like the ocean and can get very windy!)
Compare- Pacific Ocean...                                          and Lake Michigan.....

Dad wasn't ecstatic to wake up at 6am, so I made sure he had a few treats from the local Bakery to make his boat ride a bit more enjoyable
Then it was off to the water where Captain Charlie was ready to make sure I swam a (somewhat) direct route
I suited up in my speed suit just in case the water temps dropped severely when we got out to the middle of the lake, where it's over 600ft deep (didn't get cold, but the speed provided by the suit was awesome).
And I was off....
Dad even took a little video. When I watched it and told him it was a bit rocky he said he found it more important to not run over me with the boat than to get the perfect video. I agree, so here u have it ;)
The conditions were beyond perfect!!!! After about 2 hours I arrived at the beach across the way. Dad said I even swam pretty straight (and the GPS confirmed).
Thanks dad for the perfect morning! it left me hungry for that beautiful Canadian lake that awaits me....5 Sleeps!