Monday, August 23, 2010

Family, Fun, Training, Food, and a whole lotta love!

 Following the race we immediately left for the northern hemisphere of MI. If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember my trip to Michigan last summer included freezing my butt off while trying to train and during the race I did as my Kona prep (it was a far cry from Kona conditions!). This year it was RIDICULOUS! The temps were perfect (80s), the water was crazy clear, warmer than ever before (76) and well it was humid and windy too.
 During my long training days I often heard Kid Rock reminding me of the times shared amongst Michiganders. They sure do soak in every second of sun....and do so with a constant smile and joy that is absolutely contagious!!!

"Splashing through the Sandbar 
(boats gather on the many sandbars throughout the lake...the bar/barge pulls up and we're all set for the day!):
Talking by the campfire:
It's the simple things in life like when and where 
(I got in my last long ride pre-IM Canada along the endless lake front & farm rolling roads!)
 We didn't have no internet, but man I won't forget the way the moonlight shined upon her hair
Catching wallie from the dock (ok I passed on this), watching the waves roll off the rocks

She'll forever hold a spot within my soul!!!!!!!! 
 We'd blister in the sun 
(or train long enough to require a homemade ice bath- no tubs in the lake house ;) I got creative),
 We couldn't wait for night to come, To hit that sand and play some rock n' roll 
(or enjoy the Elk Rapids Harbor Days fair)
Singing "Sweet Home Alabama" all summer long. 

Countdown to Ironman Canada...6 sleeps!