Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Digs

Last week I had the opportunity to visit one of my favorite triathlon related destinations. No, I don't mean a race course or training site. I'm referring to the XTerra office. The entire office is full of product and people I really enjoy seeing. And now, they're in an awesome new space! Check out their new show room! Kick ass!! Their awesome product line is now displayed in a way it deserves...

When looking for sponsors for this season I sought out companies/brands I already used and loved. As an age group athlete I know I don't deserve much, but the sponsorship I've acquired has dramatically enhanced my season. It adds a new dimension of fun...and that's why we do this, right!?!?!
I have to say that working with XTerra this year has been amazing. Hands down, they make the best wetsuits and speed suits on the market. Back this with the amazing people who design, engineer, and promote the product and the end package is a winner in all regards!

I've been fortunate to test out pretty much the entire line of XTerra wetsuits. As a former competitive swimmer I want a suit that is flexible. Most people love wetsuits for their buoyancy. Although everyone benefits from this feature, the margin of speed gained for more experienced swimmers is much less. My body position has been ingrained in me since I started swimming at the age of 4. Buoyancy really helps weaker swimmers...therefore I'll always take a non-wetsuit legal swim. Sadly, non-wetsuit swims really only exist in Hawaii.

This season I raced in the Vector ProX2. The Vendetta (their top end suit) offers more buoyancy than other wetsuits on the market. 99% of triathletes don't come from a swimming background, and therefore benefit from maximum buoyancy. Tiny air pockets are embedded throughout the front of the entire Vendetta suit to lift the body high into the water, decreasing drag and increasing speed. For the guys out there that put a wetsuit on and just fly, I'd look into the Vendetta. If you have a swimming background I recommend considering the suit I wore, The Vector ProX2. I've fallen in love with it! I believe the arm panels are a little thinner than the Vendetta. The body might not get quite the flotation, but again, this is a great option if you do not experience high gains from the super buoyant suits. Both suits go on really easy and are not too restrictive. Many people complain about feeling claustrophobic in a wetsuit. I don't notice this at all with any of the full or sleeveless XTerra suits. They've mastered the art of flexibility and their suits allow swimmers to hold onto that all important feel for the water!

My absolute favorite product in XTerra's new showroom is their speedsuit. Maybe it's because I know if I'm in this suit I must be in Hawaii swimming amongst sea turtles and dolphins.

The Velocity++ proved to be crazy fast in Kona. XTerra was #2 on the speedsuit count. (I think that is only because "another company" gave away more suits to ensure they'd be #1). The results don't lie: XTerra claimed 1st, 2nd and 3rd age group women out of the water (grrrr, I wasn't up there-but hope to change this next weekend in Az!) and 1st male.

I owe a million thanks to XTerra for all their support over the past year! The company is one I will support for years to come. XTerra not only offers the best product, but holds my vote for "greatest customer service!" Check out their new digs at: 8320 Miramar Mall San Diego, CA 92121, or online

I can't wait to see the XTerra crew tear it up on the Ironman Arizona course next weekend!!!!!

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