Saturday, October 22, 2011


We all know what was going on 2 weeks ago over in Hawaii. The sport of triathlon once again took over the Big Island and lit up the lava fields! I knew I didn't want to race there this year. I feel blessed beyond words to have raced there the past 3 years. I look back to when Kona was just a dream...and now 3 years later all that hard work payed off and allowed for new opportunities. This year was all about experience...soak it all in and love every minute of it.
BY FAR the best part of the year has been the people I've met and become great friends with. Many headed to Hawaii to live out their dream. I couldn't sit in San Diego- I had to be part of the action. So off I went to the Big Island. My week was jam packed of training (my season seems far from over), helping as many of my sponsors as I could, and doing anything/everything for my friends who were racing.
Although I could hardly walk by weeks end, I loved every second of it. It felt amazing to give back to this sport that I love so much. Being a competitor can be so selfish! So here you have it- my week in Kona:

THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO HAVE STOOD BEHIND AND SUPPORTED ME THROUGH MY ROOKIE PRO SEASON: It's not just about the brands/products- the people behind these brands have become great friends and an amazing family of support!
 Tyler from GU. Dude, I better see you again before Kona next year!
 Talia- it was awesome to FINALLY meet you in person. Mahalo!
 She isn't just part of Quarq- SHE IS Quarq. Ki...thank you for believing in me. 
I wouldn't of made the improvements in cycling I have without my Quarq!
 Brian and Jen- part of the TYR Family. TYR isn't just about swimming
any longer. They have arrived and made an amazing impact within the sport of triathlon!
Two of my dear friends at Newton- Tim and Tory! I am showing off the new MV2, 
but the shoe was cut out of the shot- so not it looks like I'm just hugging Tim with my leg. Hmmm

I threw down a solid week of training! Never looked far for awesome training partners (at least for the first and last hours anyway. The middle was usually solo as those racing weren't about to go the distance with me that week).
 Many hours training on the Queen K taught me it is way easier to race out there than to train there. 
Hydration and food along the way, and ample opportunities to drench yourself with water. 
The winds were wicked that week- racers, you lucked out!!
 I ventured south as well to get out of the wind and hit the hills.
 Pre race spin for Rinny. Who didn't enjoy watching her throw down another amazing run! 
Congrats girl!!!
 Heather and Linsey brought me home after a solid interval session. 
To say these girls are studs on 2 wheels is an understatement!
One of the highlights of my summer was training with Jo Lawn. Not only an amazing athlete, but an unbelievable person and ambassador for our sport! I'll miss her and her hubby Armando!
Donna and I got in some training, relaxation and recovery (thanks Normatec!). 
Recovery boots + Lava Java = heaven!

And then there was race day! WHEW way easier to race than watch!
 Can you spot coach? Right behind the top paddler. (Yi Hsueh, AIMP athlete extraordinaire got some solid pics!)
 Team TYR outside the TYR house waiting for the runners to come by. 
It was great to see all of you!!! 
Many hugs of gratitude for all you do for us, and our sport!
 Speaking of TYR- Here are your TYR reps-Ryan and Sarah. Great job out there guys! 
Ryan's first IM- Impressive performance my friend! (He is yet to admit how much fun he had out there ;-))
Rich Blanco on his way to the finish (Pic by Yi Hsueh). HUGE thanks to Rich and Jordan for letting me crash with them all week. It was a great week in Kona, and I really enjoyed spending time with you guys. Love those AIMP athletes! he comes! Great to watch Coach Chris and support him for once. He didn't have the day he dreamed of, but dang the 40-45yr old men are wicked fast! You can read his race report here
  (pic by Yi Hsueh)

There were a lot more dinner dates and drink outings this time around. Like I said, it isn't easy being a spectator in Kona ;-) I snapped a few at the after party- but am pretty bummed D'Anza (TriBike Transport) and I didn't get any pics- but I love you too D!
The happy Potts couple. Good job out there Andy!
Ohhh, there he is. Mr. Dave Scott. I do miss our swim sessions. He made me WORK (and laugh-a lot)! Cheers Mate!
And that's a wrap: train, sherpa, expo, dinner/drinks...a successful week in Kona. Thanks to everyone who shared their Kona dreams with me. It was an honor to sit on the side line for this one. Only 29pro women toed the line- and to each of them, I am in awe!
As for me, Austin70.3 has my name written all over it. Time to get back to racing-it's been 4 weeks after all. This will be half IM number 7 for me this year. Whooop Whooop! Love racing!

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