Monday, August 22, 2011


Since returning to Boulder I've been all focus. Honestly, my mind was in a million different places, but with a little help I've returned to where I need to be mentally....and am HUNGRIER than ever.  I couldn't wait to get back to work...and thankfully didn't have to wait long. Wednesday I was back in the pool slogging through a 5,000m high quality workout. The final 50m was the most important of all-a race between the great Dave Scott and myself. It was all business! 50m breaststroke, with paddles of course. The 8 judge panel called it a tie.
Photo by Paul Phillips
Thursday I returned to the bike and powered through a few long hill climbs-1x60mins, and 1x40mins. THAT is what is so awesome about training in Boulder. After a 30min spin you're at the base of the mountains and can climb until your hearts content. Ohhhhh how I missed seeing 9,000+ ft on my Garmin500! Friday Uli and I returned to the peak and banked a solid long ride (someone's returning to Kona! Whoop Whoop!).
Last week I emailed Coach and asked if I was free to add as much time in the pool as I wanted. His response-yes! 3 solid weeks until Ironman and I know I have to take advantage of my swimming background. As an age grouper I could get away with minimal swimming and still be in the mix. NOT the case in the pro ranks. Even with my background in the sport I've been coming out of the water with the middle of the pack. If you've been reading about my time here in BoCo you know I've been focusing on improving my weakness (cycling, duh!)- but this can't come at a cost.  I need to get every ounce out of my strengths. Swimming should be the strongest of the 3 disciplines for me, but it really hasn't been. Failing to come out of the water ahead of the main pack means too much ground to make up on the run. So.... I need to up my game and stop slouching in the swim!
I've been arriving to the pool with a revived sense of focus. I get in early, get out late, and sneak in short swims whenever I can.  Thankfully, my neighbors invited me as their "guest" at the country club 1/4mi away. This leaves me NO excuse.
Photo by Paul Phillips
When my plan calls for a real workout/masters I head to Flatirons. The coaches and my lane mates always keep me honest and make me hurt (as does the altitude)! Between these swims (and when I'm so tired that it wouldn't be safe to drive) I walk down the street, throw myself in the pool and crank out the meters. In a strange way I think many of us find it easier and more natural to focus on our weaker of the 3 disciplines. I've refocused and in my final build am putting everything I can into my swimming and running. I know I need to get my swimming back up to par so I can reach my full potential and be "ALWAYS IN FRONT."
Time to put my head to the grindstone...20days until we party in Mad town!   


Mon Amour said...

Those are great photos of you in the pool! I have been able to get away with not too much swimming since I always have a strong swimming background

jameson said...

keep the hammer down.... you are going to kill it in Madison.