Saturday, May 14, 2011

Florida 70.3 With Smiles!

I am honestly so excited for tomorrow! The weekend thus far has been amazing, and I know I'll top it off with a killer first pro race. Thank you to everyone who's sent good luck messages....they really do make a difference and keep me energized and digging deep come race day.
One of my closest friends and teammates from college will be racing with me tomorrow. While rowing at UofM, her and I had to work our asses off in hopes of deserving a second of attention from our coaches. The two of us were two of the only lightweight rowers to survive amongst the wicked talent of open weight girls. Let's just say, we formed a very strong bond over years of sweat, tears...and probably some blood too.  Ever since Jeanine got into the sport I've been dying to race with her. She's a little fireball, and one of the hardest working athletes I've EVER had the privilege of calling my teammate. After NOLA I knew I wanted to fit in a May 70.3. Knowing Jeanine would be here made the decision easy. So tomorrow I get to share my first pro race with an athlete and friend that I admire beyond words!
Yes, she's TYR ready! Good luck Seeger...I can't wait to throw a few Go Blue's your way!!
Race prep has been pretty stress free, and loads of fun. I did have a bit of a hiccup today while out on my training ride today (other than coming 2inches from being nailed by a Disney tourist speeding for mickey mouse), but thankfully Zipp and Ironman wheels came to my rescue. Just another example of the great people behind the awesome brands within this sport.
I'm crazy excited to take in every aspect of tomorrow's race day experience. It's going to be painful, but that's exactly what I want. My fellow pro women are going to make me dig deeper than I ever have, and I can't wait to answer the challenge.
Race to bed!!!

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beth said...

good luck! kick some ass!