Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maui Revealed...

I thought it was time to get back to the grind...but then a little surprise ferry delivered a pretty awesome Christmas surprise: 3 days in paradise! So, just when I thought it was time to hit the daily grind I was off for another adventure. This time there was a lot more sun than snow! I had never been to Maui, so every night leading up to the trip was like Christmas all over again.
There was just one rule: no bikes. I don't know how to travel without a bike. It's like my little kid who wants to come everywhere with me. It's my side kick that enables me to explore new territory. But for Maui, I think I could manage. That said, I certainly brought back a plethora of visual memories and can't wait to take him back for a full on training excursion!
Yes, to my amazement I was capable of sitting my happy ass down and doing nothing- absolutely nothing!

But that only came after waking up early for an awesome run and swim! Of course I couldn't resist jumping into the blue obis for a little sight seeing. No dolphin adventures, but there were plenty of whales off in the distance and turtles below. Both made for an awesome morning swim
Come here turtle turtle....hello???

and another post run evening dunk.
All I have to say, is this TYR suit is perfect for any Hawaiian activity! Swimming, Running,
and cliff jumping!
And their luggage was well tested this weekend too! The rucksack (I never even knew what these things were, but it makes an awesome day pack.) and the carry on bag fit everything I needed for my Maui getaway. They introduced this line of luggage this year, and in true TYR form it is perfectly designed with the athlete in mind and the quality is killer.
Seriously though, much of my time in Maui was spent relaxing and rejuvenating! Easy to do with views like these:
 I am now packed with Aloha and ready to get back to work...for real this time! Maui, thank you for revealing your beauty to me. I'm in love...

Another awesome adventure is on tap for this weekend. Stay tuned.