Friday, July 30, 2010

Time to Rock'n'Roll...

Well over the past few weeks I've been getting in some very solid training. Long rides, long hard runs, longer rides, harder rides, and of course some swimming too. Many evenings left me looking like this:

Ironman is approaching, and what better way to get ready than with a race in my home-state. I've been wanting to get back here to race Steelhead70.3 for a few years. But this was the year to do it. After a 20hour+ day of airports and airplanes I arrived in MI. I got to see my friends little munchkin,

and get in a nice ride out to one of the parks where much of my training was done back when I was still living here

The weather here is perfect (warm + humidity), and everything is so green

The car is packed, and mom/dad are ready to make the trip out to the west side of the state with me. Here's to hoping for a fast, fun, and spirited race day tomorrow!
Oh, and hopefully I can follow the Newton philosophy...and