Tuesday, May 25, 2010

An alternative to 31 Candles!

I love how us crazy work-out-aholics celebrate birthdays. Last week started with an awesome climb up Mt. Palomar. We were celebrating Randy's 56th! AND yes, he beat me to the summit.
That was just the first workout of a solid 330mile bike week! Besides the palomar ride everything was pretty short. However, the goal was to come home completely spent. Mission accomplished! The past two weeks hurt way more than long ironman training weeks usually do. I needed to some sense of "speed" (relative of course for any endurance athlete) and reteach my heart to pound harder when I'm on 2 wheels. Rational- Kansas70.3!!! I seriously can not wait! My race schedule is coming together a bit last minute these days...but it just keeps me on my toes and makes me appreciate every chance I get to test myself.
When my birthday rolled around yesterday, all Coach C had on the plan was masters swim. The legs needed a day off! Hux delivered an awesome swim set. The theme: 3....1.... I really wanted to turn 30, but he wouldn't let me get away with that. And a monotonous set of 100s really is never appealing to me. He delivered, and we were all trashed at the end. (if you'd like to copy the workout for your own use and celebrate a bit after the fact, here's how it goes. Read down. The sets of 3x100 are on 1:20-or whatever your base is. The 1x _____  are fast on base +10. ENJOY!)
 I wasn't ready for 30 last year, but now I am. Plus, I'd kind of like a repeat of last year. In many ways it was amazing! and in many, it was....well not so amazing. 30's, I'm ready for you now. What better way to start off this new year of mine then with smiles and swimming!
Seriously, I feel so blessed to surround myself with those who share my passion for heath, happiness...and speed ;)  Thanks to my lane mates for celebrating with me. 5k in 75 minutes...that's my kind of birthday swim!
and thanks Hux for your awesome work with the camera. Is this picture for me, or you? Hot TYR suit, huh!!!
Birthday cake, or birthday swim? I choose the latter. When I passed on both beer and cake there was an entire table of our sports finest to give me an earful. Note to self: don't sit next to Huddle if you want to decline a beer while at an ale house ;)
May is a big month for birthdays. Sunday we gathered to celebrate. Happy birthday Jeff (jeff-stop staring at your wife's chest and look at the camera! ha), Billy, and Paula! Have I mentioned how lucky I am to be surrounded by such amazingly inspirational people?!?!?!?!
It's going to be a fantastic year. I can feel it....

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Are you racing in Kansas?