Tuesday, May 15, 2012

S*%t Show

a.k.a- Ironman Packing. If you were anywhere around San Diego this past weekend you might have seen a glimpse of my FLYING by. I didn't have much time to sit in any one place for too long. Last quality training sessions to put in, packing to do, and a lot of errands to run. It's my mom's bday tomorrow - girl had to shop! As I flew in and out of my favorite bike shop Nytro (yes, ok, maybe I did forget something every time I went and had to go back 5 times in one day) I was referred to by a loved one as  "s*%t show." What can I say, I had to get it all done, pack everything and get my butt back to LaLa land for the work week.
I do have a go to packing list to help race packing go a bit smoother. Unfortunately an Ironman takes a little more attention to detail, and my 1 hour throw it all together, ready-set-go, doesn't work as well. Here is my packing list of everything and anything I need/want. Try making your own and I promise it will eliminate a tiny bit of your packing headache. It also eases your mind knowing you have everything.
Thanks to TYR and Scicon I have the best luggage and bike bag to help with the process.

-Wetsuit (full)
-Wetsuit sleeveless
-Goggles x 2 (pack clear)
-Practice suit
-Race kit
-Wetsuit spray
throwaway sandals

-flask x 2
-Gu drink
-Carbo pro
-Gu chumps
-FRS chews
-Aero h20 bottle
-Water bottle
-Spray sunscreen
-Zip ties
-Bike shoes
-Bike Orthodics
-Bento box
-Spare tire(s)
-yellow tire lever
-CO2 x2
-Razer blade
-arm warmers
-Arm coolers

-Training running flats
-Permanent marker
-Pump w/ disc wheel extender
-Garmin Charger (x2)
-HR monitor strap
-Number belt
-Training clothes
-Allen wrench
-Timing chip strap
-Warm morning clothes
-Zip lock bags
-Electrical tape
-stick or foam roller
-Foot roller
-Racing flats
-Visor x 2
-Garmin 910

One more sleep and it's off to Texas. I.AM.READY!


Beth said...

Have a great trip and race. Don't forget your camera!!

Christi said...

Good luck! I will be rooting for you from Colorado!

RunningJoeInJax said...

Some day I'd like to know why you pack some of the things you do. Razor blade for the bike? Sounds like a rough race.

Best of luck. Hope you do well.