Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's get 'er DONE! FUJI style...

I've been training really hard here in Boulder, and am not taking this opportunity for granted! It is hot hot hot here. Everyone keeps saying "yeah, but it's dry." Hmmm, not so sure, I come home from almost every workout covered with sweat. Love it!
The mountains here are no joke. Last weekends 6 hour ride was a solo, go from the get-go, venture. Again, total time was only 12 minutes longer than my rolling time, something that just isn't possible in San Diego. Climb for 22 miles and this is your reward:
Another 6 miles up hill and the eye candy continues:
However, the best eye candy of all arrived mid-week. Is there better eye candy for a triathlete than a new bike?!?!?!? Thanks to Colorado Multisport for building my baby and getting me perfectly fit on him. It will be a very smooth transition onto my Fuji D-6
Ryan Ignatz is THE master of Retul bike fitting. If you're ever in Boulder this is the place to go for everything triathlon or bike related!  My fuji seriously fits like a glove, and today I got to take him for his first spin...
HUGE HUGE thanks to Kurt for very graciously hooking me up with Nytro and Fuji! I hope to make all involved VERY proud when I display all this hard work I've been putting in.  The next two weeks will be my first attempt at a fun filled back to back 70.3 attempt. It will no doubt be awesome training and fitness building for Ironman Wisconsin in September. First up: ohhhh, just a little show down with the Boulderites at Boulder70.3. I can't wait to race against several of the best women in this sport!

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jameson said...

good luck with the back to back races coming... and keep working hard. new bike looks sick!