Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Time for Another Adventure

For months I've considered spending significant time away from San Diego- try something new, seeing what comes from it, and just believe God will guide the way. I've had some significant road blocks over the past year+, so when everything started coming together for me to escape to Boulder the decision became easy. I don't think most of my BoCo friends really thought I'd make the trip (hmmmm, maybe bc I've been telling them I'd come for years!), but I proved them wrong-and arrived to several "are you really here?" comments.  Last week I packed the car, said goodbye to my little paradise and headed east.
When this is the view from your back yard it isn't easy to say goodbye.
Chris may have picked up on my wishy washy ways, so requested TriBike Transport send my bike from CDA to Boulder. Thank you TBT for once again proving that you're THE greatest! Saturday I hit the road to start my journey towards Co. First stop, Whole Foods in Vegas for breakfast. Second stop, St. George for a swim and swing by my favorite Fro Yo joint-Krave of course! Then I was off to Park City. 12 hours later I was finally done driving for the day.
I spent two days exploring Park City with Soup- I mean Matt- Molly, and their adorable boys. I thought I'd arrive and crawl right into bed, but Soup had other plans. Off we went to take in the Main Street night life. I practically fell asleep in the bar before the boys agreed it was time to shut things down for the day. 
I wasn't sure I'd wake up in time for 8a.m. masters, but I couldn't resist spending a little time with the energetic Campbell kids. GU Chomps should help help them sustain their energy levels, right?!!?!  A quick Chomps breakfast and it was off to the pool. 
Does everyone in Park City have a ski lift in their house?!?!?! ;-)
Park City is beyond spectacular. Although I was gasping for air the entire swim workout, I loved every minute of it. At 7,000+ft altitude adaptation was in full effect. Soup, I hope you enjoyed spanking my butt this time around! If I swing through again after my Boulder excursion we're having a re-do!!
After the swim we gathered the troops and took off for a point to point run through Park City's ski resorts. Running at 8,500ft was going to be a treat. Oxygen, who needs it?!?!?! The first 10 minutes were killer! I couldn't breath, let alone return smack talk comments back to the guys as they asked if this is the typical pace for a pro triathlete.
Half way through the run I decided to take a quick video to take in the views. Ok, fine, I was actually feeling dizzy and this was my excuse to try to catch my breath for 10seconds.
The rest of the day was spent pool side at the country club, and catching up with the previous 5 stages of the TDF. Monday morning it was time for me to get back on the road and get out to Boulder. Matt and Molly, thank you for showing me around your hood! I loved it! Tell the boys Captain Crunch misses them =D
My first few days in Boulder have been amazing. Time to get to bed so I can hit up the 6a.m. open water swim at the Res. Goodnight from (stormy) Boulder. 

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Christi said...

Welcome to Colorado! I hope you enjoy our beautiful state and get some great training completed!