Thursday, April 7, 2011

All dressed up with no where to go...

Yesterdays workouts were smashing! My day started with a solo 2hour trail run, all in zone 2 heart rate. As the run went on I felt better and better and better. I never felt like I was working, and my hr confirmed just that. 16 miles later it was time to quickly fuel so I could get to the pool for the masters workout. Wednesdays are usually long/endurance free sets, which fit perfect into my need for a 5,000+ yd swim workout. Make that 5,700yds! And I felt amazing. This was by far my best swim workout to date. I've been working on a few technique changes and I feel like it's finally producing results. All in all it was a killer morning.
Today was suppose to be another hard one: a shorter swim, good effort bike, and a long transition run with plenty of speed work. I was up by 5a.m. Felt tired, but well-it was 5a.m. so nothing out of the ordinary. My legs felt great, but I'm pretty sure I slept through my swim workout. The change in weather didn't help either. Cold, rain, and crazy winds. I tried to venture outside, only to nearly get blown off my bike and into a swamp. That wouldn't of been pretty!
 I got off the bike and texted Chris. "Power low, legs feel great, just lacking energy." He responded with one word: "Rest!" Suddenly the decision to cut workouts short, move things around (I won't get away with not doing this long hard t-run as it's already been added on for another day this week), and listen to my body is becoming easier.I can honestly say that if I wasn't training with power I wouldn't realized how off the mark I was. My heart rate was fine for the ride I was suppose to do, but my power was way down. This confirmed what my mind was telling me, and allowed me to properly access things!
So my shoes were laced up, but for today have no where to go...
It isn't always about how hard we can push it, or how long we can sustain...sometimes it's about being SMART!

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Christi said...

I am still working on that SMART thing! Congrats for understanding your body and listening.