Monday, March 28, 2011

Season in Style

This past weekend was the kick off to my season. Last year my first race was the SuperFrog half ironman on the Navy Seal training base in Coronado. This year they decided to move the half IM to September, but kept the international and sprint as their race series season opener.
Typically the day before a shorter "C" race I get in a quality long ride and go in a bit wrecked. Coach is my voice of reason, and this time I actually rested the day before. That meant I had time to paint the nails- TYR red of course! And time to admire my new bike jewels... something I've dreamed of for a while now.
Awww, yes dreams do come true! So before I get to my race report I have to share this... In my last blog I mentioned that I really wanted to find a coach that would implement power into my training and racing. I've been talking to the founders of Quarq for a few years now. They've put their soul into this company, and I haven't been disappointed with my decision to use their power meter over the other top sellers on the market! Back in 2006 Jim and Mieke Meyer (founders of Quarq) began with a passion, driven by their desire to create a less expensive power meter. They partnered with some of the best designers and testers, and in 2008 their engineering, testing and science was revealed in the CinQo. In 2009 the Cervelo test team was outfitted with the CinQo, and ever since their biggest problem is keeping up with demand.
Long story short, Quarq is an amazing company backed by even more amazing people (I know, I've been on the phone with them nearly every day last week. Customer service= AMAZING!)  I am ecstatic about this partnership, and in turn hope to offer a little insight for others interested in getting on the power bandwagon. 
So, the main motivation for racing yesterday was to obtain data. A huge thanks not only to Quarq, but to Kurt as well! He installed my CinQo and took care of all my pre-race bike prep (and if you read this often, you know this is not my favorite aspect of racing!!!) So it goes without saying that taking apart bottom brackets, cranks, and large chain rings...not my forte! Much gratitude! My new bejeweled machine looked better than ever! Race report to follow...