Thursday, January 6, 2011

Back to work!

My off season focus thus far has been cycling. I know I can make big gains in this department, and am motivated to do so. With that in mind I've learned to love my time on the road with the 'real deal.' You know...actual cyclists, as opposed to us tri-geeks ;) The only chance I get to catch my breath is when there's a mechanical issue.
I've been reminded over and over that my peddle stroke and power if I just stayed with it. December included several moments of despair, but they might (very soon) make a believer out of me. I'm gracious, to say the least, that they let me even try to hang! And, I've learned to become a bit more lenient on my "no helmet rule." It's really quite simple, if you don't have a helmet on your head, don't ride anywhere near me. I paid a lot of money for the knowledge packed within this brain of mine! Thing is, at any moment they can drop me like a nagging girlfriend on valentines day-so my opinion goes without recognition. Damn those old school cyclists!
Since returning from the midwest I swore I wouldn't complain or utter the words "I'm freezing" for at least 6 weeks. I've been tempted, VERY tempted, but 50's certainly doesn't compete with sub20 degree days or weather reports that include the words "wind chill."  Nevertheless, it's been cold enough to get my ass onto the trainer for my interval training sessions.
While in MI I got back to running, and logged in some solid time on the dreadmill (thank you Lifetime Fitness for allowing me to find peace/happiness with the tready!). I was elated to get back to running, but life as a gym bunny is only fun for so long.  That said, I made my limited hours of training count and packed in some solid runs: my first mile repeat workout of the year (ouch! no OUCH!), hill repeats (got a few gnarly looks from gym goers on this one) and long steady runs.
Running again sure does bring a smile to my face. There really is just something about running! It's a feeling, both in body and mind, that I crave. Although the treadmill was loads-o-fun, I'm happy to be running on the roads and trails again. Off season training means looking look beyond the numbers (heart race, speed, time, etc) and simply enjoy the moment- not too hard when my run ends with this view!
 Happy training to you!