Saturday, October 30, 2010

Keep those shoes moving well beyond season's end!

 Last weekend I was up in L.A. sharing my GU love with the RNR 1/2 marathon participants. It was awesome to escape the nutrition knowledged world of ironman to help newbies find a nutrition plan that works for them. Here i am working it, and lovin' it
The booth next to us was Give Your Sole, an absolutely awesome company! So many of us, myself included, run a few hundred miles in our shoes and then just leave them sitting in our closet or under the seats in our car (or in my case, both). But in most cases the shoes are still in excellent condition. I love love love organizations that help charities and missions over seas, but the reality is we need a lot of help right here in our country, and in our home towns. And this one is easy.
Gather all your retired shoes and send them my way. I'll collect them all and get them to Brett at Give Your Sole. From there they will be donated throughout the country to the homeless.
Seriously, come on- it's easy! If you live in San Diego you can drop your shoes by my place, or email me and I will happily come get them from you:
Together I'm hoping to donate 500 pairs of shoes. We can do it, we can do it! This won't be hard if everyone simply gets their retired shoes into the right hands. If you live outside of San Diego just send me an email and I can either find you a drop off location close to you, or you can mail them to me.
Speaking of running. My ankle is still a long work in progress. This week I hit up Rob Rich to pick his brain about making a few changes in my cycling orthotics. Later in the week I met up with a foot ankle guru here in town. His answer: make major changes in my cycling, running, standing, walking, and siting mechanics. Yippee. Daunting! but I'm on it. The swelling is going down, and I know I will get to the bottom of this.But this time, it has to go away for good. Heck, last winter I completely changed my running form, so I can make this change too.  I also have a shinny new pair of cyling (yes cycling, my first non-triathlon cycling shoes) to test out. The boys at Louis G say they will be the secret to my healing success!

Ok now get those shoes together and send them my way.  I just know some homeless woman is going to LOVE my hot pink Newtons- fresh of Ali'i Drive!  (note, if you've taken the insoles out of your shoes bc you use orthodics, put them back in if you still have 'em lying around)