Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deposit Please

This weekend I 'made it count' and this afternoon made a stop off at the "Race Day Bank" to make a few deposits.
Deposit #1: Saturday I was up by 5am, and on the road before 6. I parked near a trail I've been wanting to run for months, and headed east to meet the clan. From there we went up. and up. and up. There were definitely moments when I wished my legs would just find a secret force to carry me up the next climb, or through the steady headwind.
Tati thought stealing the secret white powder from my pocket might give her the force she needed:
 We smiled from beginning to end! The weather was perfect, and we spent the day doing what we love! 
The guys bought a melon, and of course John (who previously saved me with his packed chain tool) had a knife to cut it up.
Deposit made: 125miles and approximately 8000ft of climbing  + a solid transition run that left my mind dreaming of those wishful race day goals I've set for myself.

Deposit #2: Sunday the alarm again went off at 5am. This time I was off to Coronado for the 4th of July 15k. The goal was to get in a 5mile warm-up, then run the 15k at a steady tempo, and add on a few more after. I executed the plan and with it another deposit was made. I spent the rest of the day eating...non-stop (which is why I don't have any pics from the day)! It wasn't easy to walk away from the party to get in my second run, but I got 'er done. I ran to the pool, cruised through a much needed recovery swim, and returned for another meal-or two (hmmmm, how do you count the number of meals you have in a day if you never stop eating?!?!?)

Deposit #3: This morning I had to make one final deposit before wrapping up the holiday weekend. I wasn't blazing any trails, but got the work done.

I hope you too had an awesome holiday weekend full of friends, food...and maybe a few deposits of your own.