Thursday, June 17, 2010

What's Next???

My path down the yellow brick road was amazing! I had a blast in Lawrence, built some confidence, formed new friendships, and learned a few things along the way. As mentioned in my previous posts, run nutrition is a big "goal" of mine this year. In the past (including both trips to Kona) I've survived on a few swigs of fluid at the aid stations. The, simply, is not the best approach to running your best race. After forcing forcing myself to take calories during my long runs, I believe I've found my own magic formula: flask with GU Electrolyte Brew (provides a great/not too sweet taste) and high consistency of carbo pro + Strawberry GU Chomps.
Everyone has a different nutrition plan, and needs to figure out what works best for them. It takes trial, error and sometimes persistence. GU now offers an awesome sampler pack to help you do just that. It's packed with everything I love, and everything necessary to get you through your next long training day and race. Test out GU entire product line, and you're sure to find your magic combo! Click here and get 20% off. Let me know what your favorite flavor is.
GU is also introducing a "New Flavor." I'll be packing extra in my bike jersey, so hit me up if you see me on the road! I think I have another fun weekend in store- my favorite 100miler that takes me from my doorstep, UP to the farmlands, swings by Mt. Palomar, passes a few lakes, and eventually back to the ocean.

Oh, and what's next you ask. San Diego International is on tap next weekend. I've missed this race for the past few years because I've been in Tx for Buffalo Springs70.3. I hate to miss the trip to Lubbock (it's become an absolute favorite of mine for so many reasons!), but am excited to race in my back yard! Thankfully, I have enough friends making the Tx to trip, so I'll be living vicariously through them!
Happy Training!

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Uli said...

Hey nice new layout, how'd you do that? Is that a personal photo as back ground? Have fun in your local race, sometimes those are the best and the most fun! And just a little over 2 months till we race together again:) (this is our first IM together since Kona 08!)